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All users, editors and viewers are expected to comply with's Terms of Use regardless. 

Wikia, this wiki's editors and KIXEYE are NOT liable under any circumstances for any damage done by inaccurate information. 

This wiki is not run by KIXEYE. KIXEYE support is not to be bothered by matters concerning this wiki.

Remember, these rules are subject to change at any time without warning.

General Rules

  1. All content posted to this wiki must be kept relevant to VEGA Conflict. 
  2. No spamming or advertising of any kind.
  3. Don't make pointless or intentionally inaccurate edits. Use common sense, and stay unbiased.
  4. Please, no assumptions or speculation, information here must be accurate! Information "leaked" by a CM or kixeye staff counts as accurate, but please cite the source.
  5. No offensive articles or comment threads with vulgar language or racist remarks. One comment with the occasional cursing never on any circumstance is okay.
  6. Only edit your user page, you may only edit other user pages if you have their permission to do so.
  7. Do not promote hacks, bugs, glitches, or exploits of any kind.
  8. If you have a problem with VEGA Conflict, do not annoy the admins, send a ticket to support .
  9. Grammar usage should be well kept and clean. Lack of proper grammar use makes the articles look very unclean and hard to read/understand sometimes (Bad example: vega coflict is a fantastc game).
  10. Do not think these rules don't apply to the comments, because they do. Viewers may get confused at the false or doubtful statements.
  11. Pages vandalized will be protected from contributors and new editors.
  12. DO NOT EVER REPLACE PHOTOS OR EDIT TEMPLATES unless you know what your doing

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