By diverting fuel to these powerful rotation thrusters, a ship can be made to turn faster at the expense of linear speed.
  — In-Game Description 

Rotation Thrusters.

Rotation Thrusters I II III IV V
Mass  1% 2% 3% 4% 5%
Rotation Speed +2 deg/s +4 deg/s +6 deg/s +8 deg/s +12 deg/s
Ship Speed -5% -10% -15% -20% -25%
Tech Lab Required I III V VII IX
Time 2m 24s 5h 1d 1h 5d 5h
Helium-3 4,829 1,681,700 7,994,440 33,167,680
Antimatter 0 0 0 420,760 5,853,120
Time 32s 2m 8s 8m 32s
Helium-3 647 8,970 28,702
Antimatter 0 0 0

Rotation Thrusters increases a ship's rotation speed, allowing it to adjust its bearing more rapidly. It penalises a ship's maximum speed and consumed significantly less mass than the other two types of thrusters in comparison.

Generally, it's not a very common thruster to be seen in use. It is however undeniably useful for battleships used in fleet vs fleet combat. A battleship's sluggish revolving speed can be easily solved by attaching a Rotation III, a level three rotation thruster allows the battleships adequate turning speed to turn and attack a circling frigate. 

Keep in mind that it reduces a ship's maximum speed. Battleships will have to trade its ability to dodge projectiles and missiles for the ability to brings its broadside cannons to bear down on enemy fleets. However, those who obtained Fusion thrusters will be strongly advised to equip them due to the extra bonus of gaining extra speed, and is certainly worth the strafe thruster penalty.


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