Time to start a riot. The target? Every VEGA you see...
  — Miner Rebellion 

Event Overview


Vorzer's plan to send VEGA Security after the rebels has certainly made an impression, but not in the way he intended. Far from restoring VEGA control, the VSec fleets have only provoked further conflict with the rebels.

As if to add insult to injury, an alarming message has also been heard broadcasting on all frequencies. This time, there's no mysterious name attached: it's a call to action coming from the rebels themselves.

"Time to start a riot. The target? Every VEGA you see..."


During the Riot release there have been 2 cycles that once were in the Riot Cycle but were cut out.This cycle overlapped with each other.The cycles went in this order,Dread Battleship,Komodo Cutter,Gharial Cutter,Zeal Battleship,Condor Frigate,Lance Destroyer, and finally the Corinthian Cruiser


Just like todays Riot is was meant to re-introduce past event Prizes from VEGA Security and the VEGA Corporation. They were different depending on which Riot event has occurred and which prizes KIXEYE decides to re-release.

Prizes offered during the 1st Riot (1st Edition) event are as follows:

Armored Hold: A Cargo Hold that also acts as armor

Armored Hold

Siege Driver: A powerful long range weapon, perfect for base sniping


Dread Battleship: The most powerful battleship to date, Faster than a Revelation Cruiser and with massive firepower, it truly is something to Dread


Prizes offered during the 2nd Riot (1st Edition) event are as follows:

Fusion Thrusters: Combines the benefits of Rear and Rotation thrusters, but greatly reduces strafe speed.


Arrestor Beam Turret: Base weapon that can slow ships, very good at stopping decoys and slowing blitz fleets


Gharial Cutter: The fastest ship in the game tied with the Komodo Cutter in forward speed terms, but with a narrow firing arc. Designed for blockade running

Gharial 9-0

Prizes offered during the 3rd Riot (1st Edition) event are as follows:

Creeper Torpedo: Spawns little mines that are great at damaging multiple grouped base modules

Creeper Ship 1+2+3

Metaphase Shields: Ship Shields that are capable of equally resisting all 3 weapon types,Allowing 90%, instead of the usual 20% of damage through the shield

Ship Metaphase Shield

Condor Frigate: Stronger than the Nighthawk Frigate, the ship has no armor slots, but makes up for it by having 2 shield slots, more mass capacity and higher base health. Its HP can be further improved with Armored Hold

Condor Frigate Pic

Prizes offered on the 1st Riot (2nd edition) event are as follows:

Burst Ray: An energy shotgun with massive damage output. The only thing standing in its way is its range.


ECHO Ray Turret: Its attacks bounce off from one ship to another, maximising its damage.

Echo 1+2-0

Komodo Cutter: VSec's high-speed pursuit hull. No suspect gets away from the Komodo Cutter in one piece.


Prizes offered on the 2nd Riot (2nd edition) event are as follows:

SICO Missile Turret: Defend your base with an overpowered turret that endlessly fires missiles to your enemies' doom.

SICO 1+2+3

Vector Torpedo: Blast your foes with this semi-guided explosive weapon.

Vector 1+2+3

Zeal Battleship: Stand out on the battlefield with VSec's surprisingly agile heavy weapons platform.


Prizes offered on the 3rd Riot (2nd edition) event are as follows:

Wave Driver: The Wave Driver is a cunning VSec Projectile weapon that uses precisely phase-shifted rounds to bypass shield defenses

Wave Driver rough

AP Driver Turret: The AP Driver Turret(Armor Piercing) wouldn't be possible without improvements in structural engineering. Each shot can punch though many ships

AP Driver-0

Lance Destroyer: The Lance Destroyer has excellent strafing ability and no less then three weapons. It's a loose cannon and a VSec favourite.


Prizes offered on the 4th Riot (2nd edition) event are as follows:

Gemini Driver: The Gemini Driver is a double-barreled Projectile weapon that trades range for extra damage. Firing two rounds increases the odds of hitting a target


Aurora Ray: The Aurora Ray is a tactical VSec weapon that fires pre-ionized Energy blasts, perfect for shredding through shields.

Aaurora 1+2+3

Corinthian Cruiser: The Corinthian Cruiser is a reliable Vsec Hull that performs well in combat. It may be understated, but it gets results.



  • The VEGA Riots were announced during its removal but the Vsec Riots were never mentioned making some think they would still come.That was until they started the ISC Riots.
  • The VEGA Riots were said to become Blueprints but actually became a item or hull that would be bought at the Black Market
    • The awards of Riots 1-6 finally became Blueprints in December 2016.



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