Time to start a riot. The target? Every VEGA you see...
  — Miner Rebellion 

Event Overview


Vorzer's plan to send VEGA Security after the rebels has certainly made an impression, but not in the way he intended. Far from restoring VEGA control, the VSec fleets have only provoked further conflict with the rebels.

As if to add insult to injury, an alarming message has also been heard broadcasting on all frequencies. This time, there's no mysterious name attached: it's a call to action coming from the rebels themselves.

It's time to riot! Every VEGA Fleet is a target.

Event Information

The rebels begin to attack VEGA forces indiscriminately, continuing the legacy of the mystery voice.
  — In-Game Description 

The Riot functions similarly to other events, however, every NPC Target provides points. In addition, similarly to the Crackdown event, VSec Overwatch fleets will spawn and move from portal to portal in convoys. These fleets attack anything within 5 levels of them, However, they are easy to kill and are an easy way to get Vsec Blueprints like the Echo ray or Net torpedo, also the Midgard carrier, and the Eagle Frigate. So far, the only difference between the various Riot Events that have happened so far is the prizes that have been offered. Riots are all sort of mini-events hosted by KIXEYE mainly to allow newer players to get old event prizes that they may have missed.

Before it was discontinued, The Riot event last cycled through the Iron Star Company Hulls, the order of which is the Machete Destroyer, Vigilante Battleship, Hurricane Frigate, and the Heretic Cruiser.

Originally, the old 2 cycles cycled VEGA Mining hulls, namely the Dread Battleship, Gharial Cutter, and the Condor Frigate and VEGA Security Hulls, namely the Komodo Cutter, Zeal Battleship, Lance Destroyer, and finally the Corinthian Cruiser but these prizes were slowly turned into blueprints and black market items to make room for the new riots.

As of the introduction of the Special Events, Riots have now been discontinued.


This event is the first (of several) to re-introduce past event Prizes. These are different depending on which Riot event has occurred and which prizes KIXEYE decides to re-release. NOTE: The Current Riots and their respective prizes are list after the following prizes.

And now we present Riot (3rd edition)!

(Having the same prizes offered as the Komodo Riot) the 1st Riot (3rd edition) event are as follows:

Burst Ray The Burst Ray is optimized for close-range encounters. It fires a deadly burst of rays in a wide arc, earning it the nickname "Energy Shotgun


ECHO Ray Turret The ECHO Ray (Electrical Charge Overflow Ray) is a VSec Energy weapon with the unique ability to bounce between adjacent targets.

Echo 1+2-0

Machete Destroyer: The Machete Destroyer lacks a shield, but makes up for it with powerful engines and a healthy appetite for guns and armor

1 Machete Destroyer2

the 2nd Riot (3rd edition) event are as follows:

Raider Squadron The Raider Squadron isn't built for range, but its deadly Energy weapons are perfectly suited to aggressive tactics in close quarters.

Raider 1

Fusion Thrusters: Combines the benefits of Rear and Rotation thrusters, but greatly reduces strafe speed.


Vigilante Battleship: The Vigilante Battleship is a heavy-duty hull with a reinforced structure. It's a remarkably survivable battleship

1 Vigilante Battleship2

the 3rd Riot (3rd edition) event are as follows:

SICO Missile Turret:The SICO Missile (Strategic Interdiction and Control Ordnance) is VSec's Explosive reply to anyone who gets in their way, or looks at them funny. It's now oversized in addition to being overpowered.

SICO 1+2+3

Ionized Optics: The Ionized Optics uses miniaturization techniques to unify Focused Optics and Ion Modulator technology.


Hurricane Frigate:The Hurricane Frigate is a ferocious mercenary frigate. It's heavily armed and armored, but perfectly capable of evasive maneuvers.

1 Hurricane Frigate2

the 4th Riot (3rd edition) event are as follows:

Vector Torpedo:The Vector Torpedo is a dreaded VSec Explosive weapon with torpedos that can alter their vectors in mid-flight.

Vector 1+2+3

Bomber Wing:The Bomber Wing is launched from the Fleet Bay. It is outfitted with high-power Explosive weapons for maximum damage.

Bomber 1+2+3

Heretic Cruiser:The Heretic Cruiser is a massively armored cruiser that epitomizes the mercenary attitude. It's an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

1 Heretic Cruiser2

Removed Riots

-> Go to Riot (No Longer Used) for more info

Fleet Values


And here is the infographic (for VSec only as adding all of them would be about 3 times as long). Note that the number of hits is rounded up, though it isn't something to be worried about take note that 60+ fleets are also point contributors:


Other Notes

  • All levels can participate in this event.
  • During riots (and events), all NPC fleets will spawn out of planets and resource fields at twice the standard rate. (currently every 4-5 minutes from the standard 8-10 minutes)
  • Your sector will be flooded with VEGA Security Fleets They act differently than the VEGA fleets you’re used to and will attack if you get too close.
  • When attacking any fleet, you will earn a certain number of points. The higher the level of the VEGA fleet, the more points you get. Damage dealt is no longer proportional to the amount of points you receive.
  • Points are earned immediately following an attack (they won't float around for someone else to pick up). You can view how much loot you've stolen in the top center of the screen along with a countdown timer.
  • The number of points can earn you resources after the event is over, but only if you’ve already claimed a prize or haven't stolen enough loot to claim a prize. Any potential resources not processed by the player before the shop closes will be forfeited. 
  • Repair times for fleets are not changed.
  • Points can only be earned while the event is occurring. A battle started while the event is happening that ends after the event is over will not steal loot.
  • Players are free to relocate during the event.
  • During the 5th Riot, the ranges were supposedly "bugged" and were extended on VSec fleets. Players responded by no longer coining and posting threads about the issue on the forum.
  • With the 1st Year Anniversary, the Riot cycle has been replaced with the Riot (2nd edition) -- a simple name to avoid complications, decided by a wikia editor. Information about the change of the Riot cycle can be found here: If you wish to see the previous Riot cycle, click here.



Riot Event - December 11th 2014


VEGA Conflict- Riot01:18

VEGA Conflict- Riot


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