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Rift Beam   Rift Beam Turret

The Rift Beam obtains its incredible Alien power from miniature wormholes leading to the Unknown homeworld.
  — Fan-made Description 
Rift Beam Stats

Large Hives, Alien Harvester: 0-17,000 m

Reaper Harvester: 0-19,000 m

Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Shield Bypass +25%
Firing Cycle C: 2.0 / F: 4.0 / R: 1.0 / N: Infinite

Fan-made art of the Rift Beam.


The Rift Beam is an Alien-only weapon. It has the texture of a green Thermal Beam and does Alien damage, meaning that it can only be resisted by the Harmonic Exophase Shield, PR/EN/EXAL Heavy Talonite/Tungsten Armors and Xeno Division/AXIS hulls.

It has superior range to all player weapons and does continuous damage over a period of time to its targets. Its firing cycle is similar to the player Thermal Beam, but has slightly longer charging time, longer beam duration and a shorter cooldown time.


The Rift Beam appears in Large Hive Fleets across numerous events since November 2016. Each Hive has 4 miniature Unstable Wormholes surrounding it, each capable of firing 1 Rift Beam at the same target. They deal moderate damage to player ships.

In Alien Decimation, Alien Harvesters spawn during the final phase. Each Harvester carries 8 Rift Beams on its spine, which deal massive amounts of damage. When multiple ships are in range, the Rift Beams are split between up to 8 targets. Typically, a full blast of Rift Beams is enough to almost take down a full Metaphase Shield in one firing cycle.

Also in Alien Decimation, singleplayer Reaper Harvesters spawn during the final phase. Each Harvester uses 8 Rift Beams which deal moderate damage.


Due to the Alien nature of the Rift Beam, no shield could resist its damage. Extra care should be taken to avoid shield depletion of your ships.

Although it is a continuous beam, shield switching is possible because the Rift Beam can be blocked by other ships. Simply rotate your ships mid-beam to evenly distribute the damage.


  • The Rift Beams first appeared in Large Hive Fleets (65-70) of the November 25th Alien Mobilization.
  • Many players complained about it due to the extra damage output which resulted in much higher repair times. The damage of the beams were subsequently toned down.
  • From around March 2017 onwards, Rift Beams have been upgraded to include a +25% shield bypass. This makes it much more difficult to get low repair time against Large Hive Fleets and Alien Harvesters.


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