The Reverb Ray is designed on the same principles as the ECHO Ray, only it gains energy as it bounces between targets.
  — In-game Description 
Reverb Ray I II III
Mass 128 t 256 t 512 t
Chain 3
DPS 8 13 22
Chain DPS (100%, 140%, 180%) 33 (8,11,14) 54 (13,18,23) 93 (22,30,41)
Module Damage -20%
Range 0-3,000 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Sound Effects
Weap fire vsec energy l1 01
Weap fire vsec energy l1 02
Weap fire vsec energy l1 03
Weap fire vsec energy l1 04
Unlocking (Only obtainable in Incursion,Vengeance)
Arms Lab Required VIII IX X
Intel Required 50,000 200,000 500,000
Time 3m 9m 30s 1h 13m
Helium-3 8,610 127,481 1,427,888
Antimatter 0 6,710 356,972
Repair 0s 0s 0s
Reverb 10

Reverb ray I, II and III respectively


Reverb 1

Reverb rays allow these cruisers to fend off powerful fleets of battleships designed to destroy cruisers.

The Reverb Ray is an event weapon energy weapon. It was available in the event Incursion and Vengeance. It fires a long, orange beam at its target that subsequently bounces to other targets.

Reverb ray is similar to ECHO ray, it fires a beam that bounces from ship to ship, striking three ships at maximum, with each shot inflicting more and more damage. It bounces onto ships that are within 1000 metres. The damage per bounce increases dramatically and is extremely potent against groups of ships.

It has a impressive cost for building/refitting/weight on to hulls being cheap in both resources and time. It is gradually becoming a standard weapon on cruisers amongst high level players.

Strategy and Setup


The Reverb ray has an outstanding build and weight cost/ton and time being the first legendary to have a free instant repair refit for level I. Because the damage increases rapidly per bounce, in close range combat, Reverb ray can rapidly eliminate multiple ships quickly at medium range. They are very light as well, hence outfitting them with maximum firepower and range is very feasible even on Mark IV Revelation cruisers.

Along with a Arrestor beam, focused optics, or ionized optics This weapon can reach a quite deadly level especially against grouped enemy ships.

Players with battleships engaging a fleet of cruisers escorted with a Ragnarok carrier must be wary. If the cruisers are equipped with Reverb rays fusion thrusters and focused optics V, take heed that these cruisers are fast deadly and a single mistake when flying your battleships could result in being surrounded and destroyed by such a fleet.


Reverb ray is a cruiser exclusive only weapon, while other ships miss out on benefiting, it greatly enhances cruiser's performance in combat. Cruisers can have high firepower, speed and range when equipped with Reverb rays.

Reverb ray struggle destroying single ships. Should you find yourself fighting against a Reverb ray equipped fleet of cruisers, you should spread your ships out.

A critical disadvantage that was not originally present when the weapon was first released is that the Reverb ray is a very poor weapon against squadrons, their lasers do not bounce between squadrons ever, rendering them very ineffective against squadrons.


  • In the event trailer no info was ever shown about this weapon.


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