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Revenge is not always sweet.
  — CM LXC 

The Iron Star Company has sent warning about an imminent VEGA Security attack. Apparently they're sending more siege fleets, which doesn't make much sense. Why would they go to the trouble of 'reclaiming' Blood Amber when they're under direct attack?

I'll be in touch, rebels.
  — Larus 

You have underestimated me, rebels. Your pathetic attempts to intimidate me have failed miserably. VEGA Security is stronger now than it has ever been. I even have Larus back in captivity where he belongs. Iron Star lied to you – their attack failed and their leader is dead.
  — Bishop 

Well, this is an interesting development.

It looks like VEGA Security is losing their grasp on reality, as well as the sector. Personally, I've got no problem with that. Defend your base and hunt down their fleets. Let's drive them out once and for all.
  — Larus 

This is unacceptable. I will not be undermined by a band of impetuous rebel miners. The reputation of VEGA Security is my responsibility, and I refuse to suffer the same fate as the former leaders of the VEGA Mining department.

You will regret your choices Rebel. The Blood amber will be mine.

End Transmission
  — Bishop 

Greetings, my Valued friends.

It is a pleasure to finally meet u face to face. I am glad to see that you survived the latest VEGA Incursions unharmed. Naturally, the rumors of my death were in excess of the truth. Perhaps Bishop was confusing me with my predecessor, or his troops?

The Iron Star Company remains at your side.

--Keres VII
  — Keres VII 

Description Edit

We will stand, and not back down to VEGA Federation.
  — Sybil 

Revenge is the 13th major event in VEGA Conflict. It is an event where you hit event fleets, with the added base defense element, just like Reclamation. The event fleets are speculated not to contain any carriers, which means the enemy hulls will be extremely buffed, or will be extremely easy to kill now.

Event InformationEdit

END TIME 3:00 pm PDT
START DATE Thursday, October 8th 2015
END DATE Monday, October 12th 2015
EVENT TYPE Attack + Defend VSec Detachment Fleets (Attack), VSec Siege Fleets (Defend)
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Shop closes Tuesday, October 13th 2015

Event PrizesEdit

Prize Name Amount of Amber Shards
Phased Magnets I Interceptor Wings I 50,000
Phased Magnets II Interceptor Wings II 250,000
Phased Magnets III Interceptor Wings III 750,000
Machete Destroyer 1,500,000


Fleet Level Amount of Blood Amber Shards Received
27 740
30 920
33 1,280
35 1,650
37 2,170
40 3,300
45 7,200
50 16,390
55 38,330
60 89,640


Base Level Amount of Blood Amber Shards Received
20 4,000
21 5,800
22 7,600
23 9,400
24 11,200
25 13,000
26 14,800
27 16,600
28 18,400
29 20,200
30 22,000
31 23,800
32 25,600
33 27,400
34 29,200
35 31,000
36 32,800
37 34,600
38 36,400
39 38,200
40 40,000
41 40,920
42 41,880
43 42,800
44 43,720
45 44,680
46 45,600
47 46,520
48 47,480
49 48,400
50 49,320

Fleet Layouts Edit

  • Vsec Detachment: Vsec Detachment fleet seeking revenge.
  • Vsec Siege: Vsec Siege fleet seeking revenge on rebel bases.

Trivia Edit

  • The email and the game gave light to the prizes first, before the official CMs could give information on them. Chinese hackers quickly leaked the specs of the Machete Destroyer.
  • The next day, KIXEYE released the event tab to reveal the Phased Magnets prize, and the same day, hackers leaked the video of Revenge. KIXEYE quickly hushed it up, but reposted it the next day.
  • This event features the first lvl 60 enemy fleet seen. It gave the same BP's as the lvl 55 VSEC, but it was hinted it was the start of a new tier.
  • The Event fleet used the same name as the event fleet in Reclamation, VSec Detachment.
  • The event fleet did not contain a carrier, making it an outlier as almost all other event fleets had a Carrier inside them.
  • The VSec Siege Fleets on this event can be seen equipped with obselete weaponry such as Rail Drivers on Zeal Battleships and Mass Drivers on Lance Destroyers , hinting to the increased desperation of Bishop and VEGA Security.


Video Edit

VEGA Conflict Revenge01:19

VEGA Conflict Revenge


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