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Not to be confused with VEGA Overwatch Fleets

Not to be confused with Crafting Material Fleets

VEGA cargo fleets are groups of warships that are launched from VEGA Federation resource mining locations such as Mineral Ore, Helium-3, and Antimatter Fields, or VEGA processing complex, and travel to a certain destination before docking at a processing complex or entering a wormhole, where it disappears.

Cargo fleets are labelled with the type of resource they're carrying, and their level. The fleet make up is dependent on the level of the cargo and whether it is carrying antimatter or not. Each resource corresponds to its own colour. Fleets with blue on the back carry mineral ore. Fleets with yellow on the back carry helium-3. Fleets with purple on the back carry antimatter. This only happens for in planet cargoes, however, because VEGA cargo fleets launched in sector space carry portions of every kind of resource, thus eliminating a need for this colour coding.

Standard Cargo Fleets Edit

Processing Complex

Standard cargo fleets are found in planet. They spawn from Resource Fields and head towards one of four Processing Complexes (pictured right) found in planet.

Resource fields are located all around the planet. The lower level ones (that spawn lower level cargos) are furthest from the complex, and higher level ones are located closer.

Low level cargo fleets (up to level 17), will wait at the resource field for two minutes before heading towards the complex, giving new players time to attack them and not have to wait for them to launch.

When defeated, any excess cargo that does not fit in your fleets hold will drift on the map for 45 seconds, allowing you (or other players) to collect it with another fleet.   

Level Cargo (average)
1 13,000
2 16,500
3 25,500
5 34,500
7 52,500
10 78,500
13 100,000
15 173,000
17 241,000
20 361,000
23 480,000


27 950,000

Level 1 Cargo Fleet Edit

Cargo 1

Level 1 Cargo Fleet

Level 1 Cargo Fleets consist of two Pathfinder corvettes equipped with a single Pulse ray. The corvettes are easily overwhelmed by opposing Voyager corvettes and Harrier Frigates without the need of any strategies. Simply let battle play out on autopilot.

Level 2 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 2

Level 2 Cargo Fleet

Level 2 Cargo Fleets add two Voyager corvettes, one of which replaces a Pathfinder Corvette. all ships are equipped with the Pulse Ray, the voyagers having two instead of one. beginners can easily overwhelm these fleets with their own voyagers and harriers.

Level 3 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 3

Level 3 Cargo Fleet

Level 3 Cargo Fleets consist of three Voyager corvettes, replacing the previous Pathfinder corvette. They are all equipped with a pair of Pulse Rays, making them easy to defeat. These cargoes are easily overwhelmed by fleets on autopilot.

Level 5 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 5

Level 5 Cargo Fleet

Level 5 cargo fleets are made up of 5 ships, 4 Voyager corvettes and 1 Pathfinder corvette. They are slightly more durable then previous iterations, but are the best cargo fleet for beginners to kill, providing a decent amount of resources for new players to utilize.

 Level 7 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 7

Level 7 Cargo Fleet

Level 7 Cargo Fleets are significantly stronger than all its predecessors. The main complication is the addition of a Longbow Destroyer. It inflicts heavy damage to a new players ships if they don't know how to strafe.

Level 7 cargo fleets force new players to learn to strafe their ships, a crucial ship technique that needs to be learnt in order to dodge incoming projectile slugs.

It is common for new players to be stumped by level 7 cargo fleets and return to simply farm level 5 cargo fleets. To defeat it, use Harrier Frigates equipped with Rail drivers. Destroy the Voyager Corvettes and Pathfinder first, then send one Harrier frigate to attack the Longbow.

In order to strafe, right click at empty space left or right of your ship. Your ship will move sideways. Change direction when the Gauss driver's shots are about to hit your ship, or are on a course to hit you.

Level 10 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 10

Level 10 Cargo Fleet

Level 10 cargo fleets are moderately harder then level 7 cargo fleets. First off, there are 2 Longbow destroyers, and a single Harrier frigate equipped with the Scatter Missiles replacing one of the Voyager Corvettes. New players that group their ships together will realize that the missiles inflict tremendous splash damage onto their ships. In the future, the missile splash damage isn't really a problem as players obtain stronger shields. Players eventually learn to decoy the enemy Harrier frigate and destroyers

Six Harrier frigates with Scatter Missiles can easily destroy this fleet. One Harrier frigate is needed to fly in a circle around the enemy closely while the rest attack from range. Computer fleets attack the closest enemy ship, use this to your advantage. You can also use Rail driver equipped Harrier frigates. Simply group them in 3 groups of 2 (see Harrier Frigate page for more info) to dodge the Scatter missiles. Then, kill the Voyager corvettes. After that, circle or strafe the remaining Longbow destroyers.

Level 13 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 13

Level 13 Cargo Fleet

Similar to the level 10 cargo, this time, the Harrier gas been replaced with a Genesis Cruiser equipped with a pair of Gauss drivers. Arguably, the level 10 cargo is slightly harder than the level 13 cargo, players that have mastered strafing maybe find it easier to dodge Gauss driver projectiles rather than two volleys of missiles. It's important to note that the Genesis cruiser doesn't fire its weapons ahead, it fires at the target's location so it's easy to dodge the projectiles as long as you're moving.

Destroy the Genesis cruiser and Voyager corvettes first before attacking the destroyers. You can run away for about 20 seconds to separate the fleet, since cruisers and corvettes are faster than destroyers. You only need to deal with a portion of the fleet at a time.

It is possible to destroy level 13 cargo fleets using six Voyager corvettes armed with Rail Drivers if you have good micromanagement skills. It is still entirely possible to defeat the fleet with Rail driver Harriers. Dodge the Gauss projectiles and destroy the Genesis. After that, go take out the Voyagers. Then, circle or strafe the Longbows.

Level 15 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 15

Level 15 Cargo Fleet

Level 15 cargo is different to other cargo fleets as it does not contain any Longbow Destroyers in its fleet. It has four Harrier Frigates equipped with Scatter missiles and two Genesis cruisers equipped with a pair of Gauss drivers.

To defeat this fleet, you must avoid grouping your ships and subjecting yourself to an insane amount of splash damage. Instead, send one Harrier frigate to fly in a circle around the enemy fleet, this cargo fleet tends to stack so it's easy to circle.

Ensure that your Harrier frigate is flying fairly close. As long as it's moving, most of the missiles and Gauss driver slugs will miss, while the enemy fleet is shooting at the decoy Harrier, send your other ships equipped with long range weapons such as Rail drivers or Scatter missiles and destroy the fleet from afar. 

The use of keyboard controls, numbers 1-6 can make executing this strategy much simpler, using these keys to quick select ships is another critical component in mastering micromanagement of fleets in battle. 

Level 17 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 17

Level 17 Cargo Fleet

Level 17 cargo is comprised of two Longbow destroyers, two Harrier frigates bearing Scatter Missiles and two Genesis cruisers using Gauss Drivers. Like level 15 cargoes, if you're around level 17, you should not attempt to out-muscle this fleet as you will suffer unnecessary losses or be defeated.

Use decoys or flee when the enemy fleet starts to separate and attack them one by one. It is possible to defeat level 17 cargo using six missile Harrier frigates with minimal damage. It is important to practice strafing, right click + drag maneuvers with keyboard quick select helps towards developing good control of your fleets.

Level 20 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 20

Level 20 Cargo Fleet

Level 20 cargo fleets are dangerous fleets as they introduce a Rancor battleship in their formation, equipped with HEX Missiles. First off, it is important to note that trying to take on the fleet by force is not advised unless you are merely auto-piloting the fleet for blueprints with a strong fleet.

It is possible to defeat a level 20 fleet using six missile Harrier frigates, but it is very difficult and potentially time consuming. However, using a fleet of Harrier frigates equipped with Shockwave Shield III and Disruptor ray II x2 can work if you have good control.

If using the above build, you should first run away for about 30 seconds to split the ships apart. As your doing this, try to get your ships into 3 groups of 2 (shown on the Harrier frigate page). Destroy the Genesis cruisers first by strafing/hit and run (if you have the appropriate technology). Then, take a single Harrier and fly it towards the Rancor. It will turn to shoot at it, keep the Harrier moving. When the Rancor has fully turned, send your other ships into the Rancor battleship's blind spot to destroy it. Then destroy the Longbow destroyers by strafing/shooting.

The enemy battleship is equipped with four HEX Missiles with a devastating 64 DPS, only group your ships if you know you can dodge the salvos of plasma bolts. It's important to note that you can dodge the Gauss Driver projectiles from both the Genesis cruisers and Longbow destroyers. 

To defeat the battleship, you must send one decoy to the immediate rear of the battleship, it will turn and attempt to attack it. In doing so, it brings the forward blind spot around and easier for the rest of your ships to fly into. Battleships can't attack in front or behind them, so enter this blind spot and destroy the battleship. Rancor Battleships are relatively fragile, and their heavy firepower, unique AI and long range make it difficult to surmount it. 

Another strategy is to equip a single Genesis cruiser with Rail drivers or Scatter missiles and fly in a very wide circle around the enemy fleet. You must maintain a distance so that enemy warships are only just barely in range. If your Genesis cruiser drifts too close to the enemy fleet whilst circling them, the battleship bearing down on you will bombard you and the Longbow destroyer's Gauss driver slugs will strike your cruiser. Longbow destroyers fire "ahead" so that their projectiles intercepts your cruisers, but if you keep your cruiser moving and you're around 4,000 meters away from them, they will likely miss.

A very common tactic is auto-piloting but this is only for medium level players. As the level 20 cargo has the potential to carry Tier 1 blueprints, they are frequently of high value to those who still require the blueprint weaponry. However, most low levels who try hitting level 20 cargo fleets end up getting set back, and thus they have to learn basic tactics until they can unlock the Hydra missile.

Level 23 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 23

Level 23 Cargo Fleet

The level 23 cargo is powerful fleet for players in the low level 20s to fight with. Similar to the level 20 cargo fleet, it replaces one Longbow destroyer with a Rancor battleship, making it near impossible for six Scatter missile Harrier frigates to defeat it. Use of Shockwave Shield III harriers with two Disruptor ray II and good control will make it easier to defeat a level 23 cargo fleet. 

It's common for high level players to attack level 23-27 Helium-3 cargo fleets as Helium-3 is now the most commonly used resource for ship building and much weapon and ship research, which is a crucial basis for building fleet vs. fleet and basing fleets. In addition, these fleets also contain blueprints for Tier 1, and are also subject to auto piloting. 

Level 25 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 25

Level 25 Cargo Fleet

The level 25 cargo includes an Exodus cruiser to its fleets. The Exodus cruiser is equipped with Disruptor rays and a thick Spectral shield and replaces a Genesis cruiser from the level 23 cargo. Many beginner level players may find the Exodus Cruiser difficult to destroy. Use of long range weapons on frigates to strafe away can destroy the Exodus cruiser before it comes into range if you have enough firepower. 

Generally, Talons or Nighthawks with HEX missiles or Gauss drivers and Shockwave shields are the best ships for fighting this type of fleet since they are able to kill them quickly with proper control. 

It is possible to defeat these fleets using 2 fleets of Genesis cruisers equipped with Scatter missiles. Being the highest level and the highest chance of scoring Tier 1 blueprints, they are very frequent subject to auto-piloting.  

Level 27 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 27

Level 27 Cargo Fleet

The level 27 cargo is a formidable fleet with three Rancor battleships. Its high firepower makes it a dangerous fleet to fight. Use of Talon frigates equipped with Shockwave shield III and HEX missiles or Exodus cruisers with three Disruptor ray III and Shockwave shield III. Harrier frigate decoys are ideal for defeating a level 27 cargo fleet with instant repair if you have good control. 

Being a way to earn Tier 2 blueprints, these fleets are also subject to auto-piloting by mid level players to score powerful weapons. 

Antimatter Cargo FleetsEdit

Antimatter Base

An Antimatter Field

Antimatter Cargo Fleets also spawn from a mining field. These are full of Antimatter and spawn every 30 minutes. Planets have 2 antimatter fields, and both spawn at different times. They carry only Anti-Matter and are transported by VEGA warships, and corvettes.

Anti-matter is used for mid to high level research and ship building, and is even used for repairing end game fleets. 

It is important to note that Antimatter fleets contain VEGA Capital ships and are significantly harder to defeat then their Regular Cargo Counterparts

Level Cargo size (average)
20 304,000


25 651,000
27 1,102,000
30 1,493,000

Level 20 Antimatter Cargo FleetEdit

AM 20

Level 20 Antimatter Fleet

Level 20 antimatter fleets consists of one Ezekiel Cruiser equipped with Thermal Beams, and five Colonial corvettes equipped with HEX missiles.

The Ezekiel Cruiser poses a major threat. Although it is poorly armored, it boasts extremely powerful thermal beams. Which inflict much greater damage compared to the normal thermal beam

Rancor Battleships equipped with Gladius Drivers can easily defeat this fleet. Simply turn the battleships 90 degrees and strafing backwards will quickly annihilate this fleet as they are subjected to concentrated projectile bombardment.

If you do not have Gladius Drivers, then the Gauss Driver or Mass Driver can suffice.

Hydra Missiles on Rancor Battleships can also take this fleet down relatively quickly.

These fleets are often auto'd by higher levels to acquire antimatter or Blueprints.

Level 23 Antimatter Cargo FleetEdit

AM 23

Level 23 Antimatter Fleet

Level 23 VEGA Federation Antimatter Fleets are identical to the level 20 Antimatter Fleet. The only difference is that the Colonial Corvettes are armed with two HEX Missiles instead of one. They also have enhanced armor, making them more difficult to destroy. 

The strategies to defeat this fleet do not differ from the previous. However, weapons such as the Gauss Driver, Mass Driver, or Hydra Missile, may have a tougher time taking them down.

These fleets are commonly auto'd by higher levels for antimatter and Blueprints.

Level 25 Antimatter Cargo FleetEdit

AM 25

Level 25 Antimatter Fleet

Level 25 VEGA Federation Antimatter Fleets replace two of the Colonial Corvettes the VEGA Federation's Maul Destroyer. The destroyer is armed with Gauss Drivers and boasts a long range of 6,750 m. Although it's slugs can inflict fairly average damage, they can be easily dodged.  

If hit several times, the Gauss driver slugs can deplete Shockwave Shield III and Spectral Shield III fairly quickly. Frigates should move unpredictably in a zig-zag pattern, while battleships and cruisers should flank and remain a good distance away from destroyers to avoid being struck by the shells. 

The destroyers are not shielded, making them easy to destroy. 

These fleets are frequently auto'd by higher levels for antimatter and Blueprints, as Antimatter fleets have a higher drop rate than regular cargo fleets.

Level 27 Antimatter Cargo FleetEdit

AM 27

Level 27 Antimatter Fleet

Level 27 VEGA Federation Antimatter Fleets replaces another Colonial Corvette with another Maul Destroyer 

These fleets are frequently auto'd by higher levels for antimatter and Blueprints.

Level 30 Antimatter Cargo FleetEdit

AM 30

Level 30 Antimatter Fleet

Level 30 VEGA Federation Antimatter fleets introduce several new VEGA Corporation warships, the Wrath Battleship, Vulture Frigate, Claymore Destroyer and the highly feared Apocrypha Cruiser.

The Wrath Battleship is semi-durable, but boasts considerable firepower and range. It is equipped with HEX Missles, able to wear down Spectral Shields quickly, as well as a considerable 5,300 m range. They should be killed in the same way you kill the Rancor Battleship from the level 20 cargo fleet.

This ship will try to flank you, so be cautious and situationally aware. It also comes equipped with at least Rotation Thruster II, making it fairly difficult to strafe turn into it's blind spots. Keep in mind that the Wrath Battleship is significantly weaker then its sector cargo counterpart, the Torment Battleship.

There is also the presence of the feared Apocrypha Cruiser. It is at least twice as powerful as the Ezekiel and boasts three Thermal Beams along with much thicker armor and Spectral Shields, along with high level Rear Thrusters.

The next addition is the Vulture Frigate, it is equipped with Rear Thrusters III, allowing it to chase down fleeing ships. Armed with two Scatter Missiles V, it can deplete higher levels of Spectral Shields quickly. 

And finally, the Claymore Destroyer is superior to it's predecessor, the Maul Destroyer. It boasts thicker armor, along with stronger Gauss Drivers, making it much more dangerous.

Level 30 VEGA Federation Antimatter Fleets are identical to the VEGA Federation Cargo Level 30 found in sector space. Although the sector cargo variant has a different formation.  

VEGA Cargo FleetsEdit

Planet Spawn-0

Cargo Fleets spawning from a Planet

VEGA Cargo Fleets are seen on the sector map. They launch every 20 minutes (or 10 minutes if there is an event or riot going on). You can check how long until the next launch by clicking on a planet. They spawn at different times per solar system, usually in a cycle between the spawning of Iron Star Company Fleets.

VEGA Cargo Fleets spawn from every Processing Complex on a planet and will scramble to various wormholes.

Resource payoff will be 40% helium-3, 30% mineral ore, and 30% antimatter.

VEGA Cargo Fleets consist of VEGA capital ships and warships. Making them very dangerous to the unprepared.

Level Cargo Size (average)
30 1,298,000
33 1,688,000
35 2,876,000
37 4,827,000
40 6,371,000
45 6,743,000
50 10,000,000
53 13,000,000
55 15,000,000

Level 30 VEGA Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 30

Level 30 VEGA Cargo Fleet

Level 30 VEGA corporation fleets are perfectly identical to the Level 30 Antimatter Cargo fleet. the only difference is that the level 30 antimatter cargo fleet has a different fleet formation. This new formation makes the fleet slightly harder because certain ships can enter firing range sooner then before. 

The fleet is made up of a VEGA corporation Wrath Battleship, Claymore Destroyers, an Ezekiel cruiser, an Apocrypha Cruiser, and a Vulture Frigate.

These fleets are frequently auto'd by higher levels for resources and blueprints.

Level 33 VEGA Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 33

Level 33 VEGA Cargo Fleet

Level 33 VEGA Cargo Fleets are more dangerous then the level 30 cargo fleet. The Ezekiel Cruiser is replaced with a second Vulture Frigate. While the Wrath Battleship has been upgraded to it's more powerful variation, the Torment Battleship

The torment boasts superior firepower and maneuverability than it's predecessor. It is equipped with Shockwave Shields and HEX Missiles, which are more powerful than previous iterations. 

Rancor Battleships equipped with Gladius Drivers are still capable of defeating this fleet easily if the user strafes them backwards at a 90 degree angle.  

Level 35 VEGA Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 35

Level 35 VEGA Cargo Fleet

Level 35 VEGA corporation fleets are much stronger than the level 33.

It consists of one Vulture frigate, a Claymore destroyer, Two Apocrypha cruisers and two Torment Battleships.

Level 35 Cargo Fleets are arguably the most frequently attacked Cargo Fleet. Due to the fact they drop a lot of resources, while being generally easy to defeat.

There are multiple ways to destroy them. However a widely accepted method is to simply use Rancor Battleships armed with Gladius Drivers, strafing backwards at a 90 degree angle.

Level 37 VEGA Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 37

Level 37 VEGA Cargo Fleet

Level 37 VEGA Federation fleets possesses significantly more power than it's predecessors.

all of the Claymore destroyers have been replaced with Torment battleships, and should these capital ships attack simultaneously, you could potentially be bombarded by a massive swarm of HEX Missiles that can wreak havoc to your grouped frigates or cruisers.

The most terrifying addition however, is the presence of the VEGA Federation Heavy cruiser, the Rapture Cruiser. Armed with the deadly seeking Hydra missile.

It is still relatively easy to defeat this fleet by utilizing six Rancor Battleships, armed with Gladius Driver I x2 and Gladius Driver II x2, strafing backwards at a 90 degree angle. The rapture will prove quite durable but will go down quickly to concentrated fire.

Level 40 VEGA Cargo Fleet Edit

Cargo 40

Level 40 VEGA Cargo Fleet

The level 40 VEGA Federation fleet, enhances the armor of the Vulture Frigate by a significant amount. However there are no other differences compared to the level 37 VEGA Fleet. (Confirm this?)

This fleet can be destroyed in the exact same way that you destroy the level 37 cargo fleet.

Level 45 VEGA Cargo Fleet Edit

Sans titre

Level 45 VEGA Cargo Fleet

The Level 45 VEGA Cargo Fleet is similar to it's more powerful variant, the level 50 VEGA Cargo Fleet.

It consists of a single Condor Frigate, two Rapture Cruisers, one Torment Battleship, and two Dread Battleships.

The condor frigate is much more durable compared to the Vulture Frigate, as well as coming equipped with the Gladius Driver. This makes the frigate a very dangerous adversary at range, able to inflict heavy damage to your shields and armor should it be given the chance.

The primary threat comes from the presence of TWO Rapture Cruisers, each equipped with the Hydra Missile. These ships are very durable and can dish out a massive level of firepower, more then enough to quickly destroy most ships. They are quite vulnerable to heavy stasis from NET Torpedoes however, which can make the weapon useful for keeping them at bay.

The Torment Battleship does not pose much threat, it is identical to the previous iterations of the battleship and should be treated as such.

However, one should constantly be aware of the two Dread Battleships, each boasting the lethal Thermal Beam.

While they only have 3,750 m range, one should never attempt to out-brawl these battleships at close range. you WILL die. Instead, the best way to take them on is to utilize long-range weapons, they are rediculously easy to kite.

It is possible to utilize the strategy to defeat level 40 cargo fleets to defeat the level 45. However, you will require two fleets active at the same time, with the same setup, in order to defeat them. As the first fleet will fail, but weaken the enemy enough for the second fleet to finish them off.

VEGA Elite 50 Cargo FleetEdit

Cargo 50

Level 50 VEGA Cargo Fleet

VEGA Elite 50 is widely considered to be one of the most difficult challenges in the game to accomplish for most players.

This fleet consists of one Condor Frigate, two Rapture Cruisers, and three Dread Battleships.

The condor poses a major threat with it's heavy Gladius Driver armaments, along with it's heavy speed, makes it near impossible to flee. It is heavily advised to destroy this frigate at long-range to avoid complications.

The rapture cruisers make up the bulk of the fleet, extremely well armored and equipped with insanely powerful Hydra Missiles. Engaging at close range is utter suicide. And even medium-range combat is extremely risky. Kiting is imperable.

And finally, the dread battleships act as the executioners, should you manage to survive the condor and raptures.

The first dread is equipped with thermal beams and is very easy to kite and destroy, however the other two are equipped with MASSIVELY powerful Gladius Driver arrays. It is absolutely necessary to kite these ships, as taking a direct hit will inflict MASSIVE damage. Projectiles however, have their effectiveness hindered due to the presence of heavy deflector shielding.

Carriers are godsends here, as they can render a majority of the ships harmless.

Below strategy supplied by The Universal Army.

There is also another method, which I (The Universal Army) give credit to Hesham Wardany, who gave me the original design. I modified it to try and make it more powerful, so here it is.

Revelation Cruiser/Apocrypha Cruiser in slots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6: Gladius Driver II x4, Shockwave Shield IV x2, Zynthium Alloy I x4, Iridium Magnets II, Phased Projectiles V

Fury Battleship/Dread Battleship in slot 5: Siege Driver II x 5, Siege Driver I x1, Deflector Shield III, Iridium Magnets IV, Phased Projectiles V

The phased is completely optional, but the higher the phased, the faster the VEGA goes down. Armour was unneccesary, I just put it for no reason. You can play around with my modified setup and see what results it achieves. Also, if you failed to achieve the Siege Driver, you can also use Mass Drivers as a less damaging alternative.

VEGA Elite 53 Cargo FleetEdit

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.08.39 PM

VEGA Cargo 53

The VEGA Elite 53 is almost identical to the level 50. However, each ship aside from the Condor Frigate has been given enhanced armor, as well as the Rapture Cruisers Hydra Missiles being boosted via heavy AM Warheads. Making them extremely deadly to grouped up fleets. The Dread Battleship which had previously been equipped with Thermal Beams has been replaced by a third Gladius Driver dread. Making kiting absolutely necessary to defeat this fleet.

The strategies used to defeat the level 50 can be applied here, but one must account for the third dread, and the fact that the hydra missiles now inflict massive splash damage.

VEGA Elite 55 Cargo FleetEdit

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.23.54 PM

VEGA Elite 55 is the most powerful cargo fleet in the game.

It consists of three Rapture Cruisers and three Dread Battleships.

The Rapture Cruisers are EXTREMELY well armored, able to take MASSIVE amounts of damage before going down, on top of this they also come equipped with inescapable Hydra Missiles, which have a massive 600 meter splash radius, as well as inflicting tremendous damage, enough to drop almost any shield in a mere few shots. They are also quite fast for a cruiser, enabling them to pursue and engage most ships that try to flee.

The Dread Battleships come equipped with Gladius Driver arrays. Boasting a massive range of approximately 6,000 meters, as well as a brutal damage output upwards of 192 DPS, coupled with proximity detonation and ludicrous speed. These battleships are angels of death come for your soul. It is REQUIRED that these ships be engaged at range, lest you subject yourself to massive amounts of damage and outright suffer huge repair times or annihilation altogether.

Carriers are your best friend here, although they will be nearly useless against the Rapture Cruisers, they will be able to render the Dread Battleships absolutely harmless to your fleet, if you can manage to angle the squadrons to fly in at the proper angle.

These fleets, if defeated, drop upwards of 15,000,000 resources, as well as around 20,000 loot in riots. On top of this, they also have the highest chance to drop the greatest tier of VEGA Cargo Blueprints, which provides considerable incentive to go up against these fleets.


  • The VEGA Corporation used to deploy older and less powerful ships some time ago. They later, designed and developed new and superior ships which are stronger than their predecessor at least by two fold.
  • VEGA Corporation Fleets were then given more cargo capacity, carrying twice the amount of content than before. This was likely due to just hunting 40s in low amounts of cargo being very tedious to high level players just simply for research. 

Flash GalleryEdit

These are a group of pictures of the older VEGA ships when VEGA Conflict was run on Flash player rather than Unity.


(Tutorial) VEGA 50 Speedfarming01:41

(Tutorial) VEGA 50 Speedfarming

A step-by-step Tutorial on how to quickly and easily defeat level 50 Cargo fleets

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