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The Problem

Many wonder how the resistance stacking system would work now with Skirmish Armor and the new resistors on the Punisher Cruiser. This article will hopefully clear up the misconceptions and the answer to this question many players get confused about. I'll also cover what is and isn't resistance.


Resistance stacking isn't additive like 70%+30%=100% but instead multiplicative so its actually: (1-70%)x(1-30%)=51%. This means a Mk V Heretic Cruiser which is full with 7x Skirmish Armor III and an Energy Resistor III would only have ~42%.

Answers to Misconceptions

Alright lets cover some misconceptions and MY answer about resistance in general:

  • Resistance ONLY applies to health!

I've seen people ranting on the orums on how resistance is so broken, and then say resistance would add to shields. This isn't the case, it only applies to health and doesn't affect shields.

Well this could be debatable, but if you look at why the Metaphase shield was released in the first place it only protected energy, explosive, and projectile. There is no green in it's resist logo and I bet our KIXEYE wouldn't want to add to alien resist.

  • Resistance is MULTIPLICATIVE not additive

More explained here.

  • Resistance DOES NOT add repair time

Repair time is the reason why I think resistance doesn't apply to shields because you would get literally get tons of resistance for no repair. Repair time does not apply to resistance


Okay so imagine we have a coined Mk V Punisher Cruiser with 2x Anodized Resistors.

  • The incorrect way is: 25% + 25% = 50%
  • The CORRECT way is: 1 - (1-25%) x (1-25%) = 43.75%

Why is this the case? Because Contrary to what many think stacking resistance is MULTIPLICATIVE not additive to avoid 140% resistance (Because no one wants that, not even our KIXEYE). This means 100% resistance is impossible as you would simply get less and less added resistance until you get simply get a amount that would barely make a difference!

Resistance for Armor and Shields

Okay just like before imagine we have a coined Mk I Punisher Cruiser with 10,000 health and 14,000 shields and a 30% energy resistance.

  • The incorrect way is: Health = 10,000 x 30% = 3,000 added Energy health AND Shield = 14,000 x 30% = 4,200 added Energy shield, then add 3,000 + 4,200) = 7,200 added hit points against Energy.
  • The CORRECT way is: Health = 10,000 x 30% = 3,000 added Energy health and IGNORING shields. This amounts to 3,000 added hit points against Energy.

So why is this the case? Well I think it all has to do with Repair time and KIXEYE. From the formula above if you shields you could get a extra 7,200 EXTRA health against energy which would be the equivalent of 70% of the ship's health. So to still give resistance while being good to KIXEYE they only gave it to health so you would end up getting more repair to get the maximum resistance.

Note that shields automatically gain 50% resistance towards the damage type(s) they resist. For example a Metaphase Shield has 50% energy, 50% explosive and 50% projectile resistance as it resists energy, explosive and projectile damage.

Extra Notes

  • Some of the calculations are rounded to achieve an understandable number.
  • If you have more questions comment them and ill add it below!.
  • LXC (When he was still CM) has confirmed resistance stacks multiplicative and not additive.
  • The formula for resistance stacking also goes with special stacking, so shield bypass would also use the multiplicative formula.

Known Bugs

  • No bugs so far, thankfully.

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