The Repulsor Shield is a ship shield that takes reduced damage from Projectile weapons and recharges to full strength over time.
  — In-game Description 
Repulsor Shield I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 5 6
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier III Tier IV
Mass 45 t 270 t 810 t
Defense 90%
Resists Projectile
Shield Energy 90 540 1,620
Recharge Rate (10%/s) 9 Energy/s 54 Energy/s 162 Energy/s
Requirements Deflector Shield III Deflector Shield IV Deflector Shield V
Time 2m 12m 1h 55m 30s
Helium-3 277,167 958,181 5,503,751
Antimatter 0 0 1,375,938
Repair 2m 12m 30m
Repuilser 123

Repulsor Shield Level I,II and III


Repulsor Shields are a blueprint shield, and its blueprints can be found in rebel cargo fleets level 20-27 or VEGA Cargo Fleets levels 27-45. They are resistant to projectile weapons. They are most commonly used on destroyers that designed to attack bases. Recharging shields are only effective if you are able to take control of a battle and take advantage of the shields recharging effect.

Recharging shields do not replenish after being depleted. They only recharge after ten seconds period where they do not take fire. They do not recharge if under attack. Hence, recharging shields are poor shield choices in direct combat.

Like the default projectile shield, they take 50% less damage from projectile type weapons. They are mostly used in base combat and rarely used elsewhere.


The Repulsor shield is generally effective at times in a long range combat against base turrets, that is, attacking base turrets from more than 7,000 metres distance. On destroyers, if they happen to sustain minor fire, the shields can recharge back to full after a period of not sustaining damage. This tops them back off to full shield strength, prolonging them in combat.

When set on frigate decoys, they can last longer by recharging and avoiding fire and not taking damage. In low level combat, the Repulsor shield is also useful, since it can be used on long range ships designed to outmanoeuvre and out range slower and shorter range ships like the Destiny cruiser or all frigates to prolong the ship's lifespan.

They are particularly effective for harassment tactics, slipping in to deal damage and retreating quickly to restore their shields.


Repulsor shields are poor candidates in direct combat. They have far less shield energy and more mass than the standard Deflector shield. They are quickly depleted and not provided opportunity to recharge. Given that in many battles, it is rare for an opponent to be able to retreat so easily, hence there are rarely seen deployed in combat.

Considering how energy weapons and explosive weapons are more common fleet combat, the projectile resistance type does not aid it at all in fleet combat scenarios.


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