The Redhawk Drone uses Explosive weapons to bombard targets at mid-level scramble range.
  — In-Game Description 
Redhawk Drone I II III
Mass 1,694t 2,193t 4,067t
DPS 519 571 623
Health 2,250 2,900 3,550
Flight Time 30s
Scramble Range 8,500 m
Speed 1,700 m/s
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Conquest - Dynasty (Loot Drop),
Betrayal (Store),
Alien Repeating Events (Loot Drop)
Currently Available in Alien Decimation (Store),
Alien Strike (Store)
Time 11h 52m 1d 12h 47m 2d 13h 42m
Helium-3 16,938,187 27,863,318 35,146,738
Antimatter 5,646,062 9,287,772 11,715,579

Redhawk Drone I, II, and III Respectively


The Redhawk Drone is A.X.I.S' Explosive damage squadron, categorized as drones, with higher DPS and health over most squadrons. It was available in the event Conquest.

It is simply a recolored and renamed Yellowjacket drone, like the Yellowjacket it is very powerful, having similar damage but 500m extra range, higher speed, and lower weight.

Strategy and Setup


The Redhawk drone is one of the best squadrons in the game. Similarly to the Yellowjacket Drone it does a MASSIVE amount of DPS, having 623 DPS at level III. Its high DPS makes it an unforgiving burner when ignored as it will shred through your hull.

Adding on to that, it still has almost 3.5k health which is great as this makes it impossible for the Alien Squadron Module to fully destroy them in one hit.

Its bonus is its extra 500m range, this allows it to be more effective in long ranges and the ability to outrange other Paladin Carriers, this also makes a great combo with a Paladin if you don't have Yellowjackets.


However, the Redhawk Drone shares similar disadvantages to the Yellowjacket Drone aswell. It still weighs a ENORMOUS amount of mass. This is bad for un-upgraded Paladin's as they will struggle to equip it. It also suffers from long and expensive build times aswell.

Overall, for an extra 500m range when compared to the Yellowjacket Drone it really isn't worth it if you have Yellowjackets. First of all, you have actually LESS damage AND health than if you equipped the Yellowjacket outright.

Overall, if you don't have the Yellowjacket it is still a really good drone to equip on your carrier. Though, if you have Yellowjackets equip those instead, or just mix them together.


Like all carrier squadrons try to outfit the most amount of squadron levels as possible before balancing out the rest of your carrier. However, the Paladin Carrier is very different from most carriers as it needs Generators for support fields.

Do the same setup as in the Yellowjacket Drone page as they share similar weight. Though, if you have Yellowjackets aswell try to mix them together or just don't switch over to save time.

Equipping Redhawks, Bluetails, and Yellowjackets together can make an excellent combo as multiple squadrons will rush in at different times making it harder to shoot down.



  • Unlike most other types of squadrons, the Redhawk breaks the explosive squadron rule as it actually has less damage than Energy drones, which are supposed to have the least damage.
    • This could be because higher damage's could be a large hassle for players as Drones are already hard enough to deal with and even more damaging ones are game-breaking.
  • Redhawk's are simply recolored Yellowjacket Drones.

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