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Event Overview

Vsec are coming.
  — CM LXC 
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Attention, miner.

Your continued support for the fugitive Larus and the criminal Algol are blatant violations of your mining license. We are officially withdrawing offers of amnesty and will be sending fleets to reclaim the rightful property of the VEGA Federation. We are not liable for any damage to your base.
  — Bishop 

Normally VEGA's intimidation tactics wouldn't concern me, but I didn't expect this. If they are planning on attacking your base, we'll have to change our strategy.

I've contacted a group of mercenaries called the Iron Star Company. They're prepared to back the rebellion in exchange for our stolen VEGA technology. Don't worry; I'll handle the negotiations.

In the meantime, make sure your base defenses are rock solid.
  — Larus 

Larus is right. A sector-wide Blood Amber reclamation is completely unprecedented and we must be prepared for the worst. I recommend upgrading your base defenses as soon as possible.

Although I'm weary of an alliance with these mercenaries from Iron Star, their superior firepower will certainly bolster our fight. I'll follow your orders, Commander.
  — Sybil 

Attention, miner. We have been monitoring your communications. We know that you intend to resist the VEGA Federation once again.

Allow me to be blunt: you will not succeed. Your disregard for the rule of law will not be allowed to continue unabated. This is not a warning, but a statement of fact. VEGA will show no mercy.
  — Bishop 

Nice work, rebel. VEGA may have made off with a few scraps of Blood Amber, but you held your ground remarkably well. I'm glad we're still working together as a team.

Now comes the hard part. I'm planning an offensive against VEGA with Iron Star. With their help, I think we have a real chance of turning this war around.
  — Larus 


Reclamation is the 11th major event in VEGA Conflict . This event is sort of special, as it's the first where VSec Siege fleets attack players' bases, on top of players having to kill VSec (Event) Fleets to collect Blood Amber Shards. CM LXC posted in the forums about the event here

The basic gist, however, is that there are buffed VSec carrier "Detachment" fleets to attack and destroy to collect Blood Amber Shards from. There is a catch, however, that there is a bar of VEGA Rage. It fills up as VSec fleets are destroyed, then you can have a VSec Siege fleet sent to your base. The siege fleet will be the same level as your base. Should you survive the attack, you will be rewarded with a lot of extra points. However, note this is PURELY YOUR CHOICE. Should you not be feeling lucky or you know that your base defenses are awful, you may pass up the opportunity and finish the event the old way by farming the fleets off.

The siege fleets will give you a "bubble" at the same ratio's as a player attack, and will ignore any active "bubble" you currently have. However, they will not have a timer. The siege fleets will continue their attack until either they are completely destroyed or your base is. The siege fleets do scale their points based on your damage delt just like regular VSec fleets, should you be unable to completly destroy them. Additionally, other players are able to view the combat while it is happening (replay is not available) allowing players who have not summoned a siege fleet to get an idea of what to expect. CM LXC has implied there will be some variety in the fleets, so that each time they are summoned they will not be exactly the same. They also do not drop Blueprints in the same way that attacking player fleets do not drop resources they are holding.

During the attack on your base, the siege fleet ships will prioritize your Combat Modules and Bridge. They will still attack other modules in range as their lowest priority. Despite the Bomber Wing being the event prize, the Fleet Bay is a lower priority than the Combat Modules and Bridge making it an excellent way to defend your base from siege fleets. In general, the ships will attempt to rush to your bridge. As CM LXC stated, the siege fleets will try to avoid Terminus Mines by stopping if they get too close, and turning away in a different direction. They have shown the ability to carefully navigate around them some of the time. However, when completely surrounded by them (such as inside a close circle of mines around a bridge) their AI seems to fall apart and they can sometimes be seen flying directly into a mine.

Event Information

END TIME 3:00 pm PDT
START DATE Thursday, August 13th 2015
END DATE Monday, August 17th 2015
EVENT TYPE Attack + Defend VSec Detachment Fleets (Attack), VSec Siege Fleets (Defend)
DEUTERAGONIST Larus, Iron Star Company
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Shop closes Tuesday, August 18th 2015

Event Prizes

Prize Name Amount of Blood Amber Shards
Bomber Wing 1 Ionized Optics 1 50k Blood Amber Shards
Bomber Wing 2 Ionized Optics 2 250k Blood Amber Shards
Bomber Wing 3 Ionized Optics 3 750k Blood Amber Shards
Heretic Cruiser 1.5M Blood Amber Shards

Blood Amber Shards Per Fleet


Fleet Level Amount of Blood Amber Shards Received
27 740
30 920
33 1,280
35 1,650
37 2,170
40 3,300
45 7,200
50 16,390
53 27,200
55 38,300


Base Level Amount of Blood Amber Shards Received
20 4,000
21 5,800
22 7,600
23 9,400
24 11,200
25 13,000
26 14,800
27 16,600
28 18,400
29 20,200
30 22,000
31 23,800
32 25,600
33 27,400
34 29,200
35 31,000
36 32,800
37 34,600
38 36,400
39 38,200
40 40,000
41 40,920
42 41,880
43 42,800
44 43,720
45 44,680
46 45,600
47 46,520
48 47,480
49 48,400
50 49,320

Fleet Layouts

  • Vsec Detachment: Vsec Detachment fleet reclaiming Blood amber.
  • Vsec Siege: Vsec Siege fleet reclaiming blood amber from rebel bases.


  • Reclamation is the first event where the in-game banner allowed you to preview the prizes and points before the event started. Previous events and Riot's would show the banner, but clicking on it would simply show you a message that the event had not started with the timer. Because CM LXC was traveling before the event, the in-game banner actually gave the point breakdown for the prizes before it was posted on the forums first.
  • There was a bug that caused all VSec Siege fleets to appear as if they were level 50. However, CM LXC confirmed that it was a display issue only, and the fleets were scaled correctly.
  • A few hours after the event started, KIXEYE decided to make the event easier. In response to complaints, the DPS of the Detachment fleets was reduced, their contribution to the Rage bar was increased, and effective after filling up the bar one more time post change, the amount needed to fill the bar was reduced. Their reasoning was that they wanted the first base attack event in VEGA Conflict to be remembered well by the players.



VEGA Conflict - Reclamation01:04

VEGA Conflict - Reclamation


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