Advanced Rear Thrusters that allow a ship to travel faster by increasing exhaust velocity.
  — In-Game Description 
Rear Thrusters I II III IV V
Mass 2% 4% 6% 8% 10%
Ship Speed +20 m/s +40 m/s +60 m/s +80 m/s +100 m/s
Rotation Speed -7% -13% -20% -26% -33%
Tech Lab Required II IV VI VIII X
Time 4d 9h 13d 3h
Helium-3 13,065 195,976 2,936,700 14,110,200 60,053,760
Antimatter 0 0 0 1,567,800 15,013,440
Time 2m 30s 6m 17m 30s 43m 1h 28m
Helium-3 3,270 47,994 224,928 636,591 1,319,992
Antimatter 0 2,526 24,992 112,340 329,998
Time 0s 0s 0s 0s 0s

Rear Thrusters I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


Rear Thrusters are one of the first thrusters unlocked in the game and 1 of the 3 to be researched in the entire game. Like the other two, the thrusters cannot stack and they both give a buff and debuff to 2 different speeds.

Rear Thrusters are very common in lower level PvP as a substitute for Fusion Thrusters.

Strategy and Setup:


Rear Thrusters gives a massive boost in forward speed allowing your hull to traverse the battlefield extremely fast. At level V it even outspeeds Fusion Thrusters III which is the most popular Non DC/Xeno Thruster. Thus, it isn't always instantly replaced but instead used a little less.

It also is easily obtained as its researchable and you do not have to rely on KIXEYE to put it back on a Planet Strike or trying to farm for weeks trying to get the blueprint, making it very useful.


However, Rear Thrusters decrease Turning speed by -33% making it extremely bad to equip on Battleships, Destroyers, or sometimes Cutters as those hulls usually do not have a very good turn speed allowing your enemy to simply outmaneuver you or simply catch you in the beginning of a fight.

It also adds alot of mass for a thruster and it is easily replaced later on my Fusion Thrusters III which isn't hard to obtain very much if you try hard enough.


If you do not have Fusion Thrusters III always use Rear thrusters V on your hulls, though sometimes destroyers and frigates will need Rotation Thrusters or Strafe Thrusters.

On Tier 1-2 hulls try to equip III or IV as they also provide a decent value of speed while still remaining low on added weight requirements for your ship.



  • Back when the Rapture Cruiser had the increased speed, with Rear V and an empty Ragnarok Carrier it could catch every fleet in the game if they ran, even cutters.
  • Rear Thrusters usually the only rebel thruster used
  • Rear Thrusters give bonus forward speed, which is marked as a dark, almost transparent green.

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