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The Ranger Swarm is an extremely fast squadron for long-range encounters, built from the remains of defeated aliens.
  — In-Game Description 
Ranger Squadron I II III
Mass 612t 887t 1224t
DPS 139 230 384
Flight Time 60s
Scramble Range 8,750m
Speed 1,800 m/s
Health 600
Obtainable only by defeating Harvesters or Reapers Lv 70
Arms Lab Required VI VIII X
Time 12h 1d 3d
Helium-3 3,456,405 3,686,832 3,917,259
Antimatter 1,152,135 1,228,944 1,305,753

Ranger Squadron I, II, and III Respectively


The Ranger Squadron is a projectile-type squadron, originating from the Aliens. It was first released in the very first Alien Decimation. They are fast, extremely potent and have extended flight times.

They are commonly seen being launched from Alien Hives and can quickly destroy ships that are unprotected. They're the longest ranged weapon they have. They're also used by the Alien Harvesters, launched in two squadrons of eight Ranger fighters each. These squadrons drop from Alien Harvesters, making them extremely hard to obtain, but are arguably worth the struggle.

Because of their firepower, they are common amongst high level players who were able to obtain Dominion carriers and destroy Alien Harvesters.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

They're extremely powerful, and far better than any squadron currently released. A full compliment of level III Ranger squads equipped on a Dominion carrier will do 2304 damage. It is able to destroy all other ships within seconds. Metaphase shields III are depleted almost instantly.

The extended flight time of the Ranger squads make them particularly effective against Alien Hives which have substantial amount of armor. Ranger squadrons is also effective against ships that have no squadron protection, able to destroy groups of vulnerable ships without needing to return to its carrier.

Ranger squadrons have slightly more scramble range than Bomber squadrons and Spectre squadrons - while the range seems negligible, a Dominion carrier with six Ranger squadrons can destroy another Dominion carrier equipped with Bomber or Spectre squadrons before it can even get in range to launch provided that it doesn't defended by other ships.

Disadvantages: Edit

The most severe disadvantages are the build time which stretches to three days on level III variants and the difficulty in obtaining them. They are only known to drop from certain Alien fleets. While the drop rate for a Ranger is guaranteed, the chances of getting level 3 are quite low.

Ranger squadrons are very heavy and can only be equipped on Freyja carriers or Dominion carriers. A full set of Ranger squadrons III can however fit on a MK I Dominion carrier and still leave room for thrusters, armor and shields.

Ranger squadrons don't have an unlockable blueprint, and can only be obtained in limited quantities, by destroying Alien Harvesters, this makes them extremely hard to obtain due to the immense strength of the Alien Harvester.

Ranger 1-0

While they are overwhelmingly lethal, they have less armor than some squadrons, making them just as easy to eliminate as any other regular squadrons. They have rather large hitboxes and are most easily destroyed by weapons like Manifold missiles or Creeper torpedoes. Fleets with weapons suited for destroying squadrons can usually eliminate a lone carrier equipped with Ranger squadrons.

Trivia Edit

  • Ranger squadrons are the first Alien squadron made available, and by extension, the first Alien weapon ever released.
  • They were known as "Probes" before their name was revealed.
  • The Ranger Swarms do not return into the carrier after usage and instead hover around the Carrier, only until the carrier detects another enemy in its range and launches the rangers as a result.

Gallery Edit

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