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The Rancor Battleship carries many broadside weapons to overwhelm enemy ships. It trades speed for more firepower
  — In-Game Description 
Rancor Battleship
Rancor Battleship
Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 2
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 2
Health 102
Max Cargo 66,000 t
Firing Arc 90+90 deg at sides
Weapon Range 125 %
Max Mass 2,135 t
Unladen Mass 255 t
Sector Speed 195 AU/h
Combat Speed 280 m/s
Turning Speed 8 deg/s
Strafe Speed 60 m/s
Modifiers Unknown
Requirements Ship Lab V

Ship Factory V

Time 13h 53m
Helium-3 259,600
Antimatter 0
Time 1h 28m
Helium-3 45,743
Antimatter 0


The Rancor Battleship is a miner rebellion hull. It is the first battleship available for research to players.


A fleet of Rancor Battleships

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

Normally, Rancor Battleships are used to fight in level 20-30 ranges. They're very common in fleet vs. fleet battles and are frequently used in base attacks. During base attacks, Rancor Battleships are also widely seen using explosive weapons, Gauss Drivers, Mass Drivers or Wave Drivers.

Disadvantages: Edit

However, don't mistake Rancor Battleships for being invincible. They can be destroyed easily using Venom Battleship Mk IIs or any other powerful battleship fleets that are armed with ECHO Rays, as well as being vulnerable to any carrier classed vessel. In addition, Rancor Battleships can be destroyed by Exodus Cruisers. Even though Rancor Battleships are effective against frigates, skilled pilots can easily dodge projectile weapons on Rancor Battleships and quickly destroy your fleet before you destroy theirs.

Recommended Builds: Edit

Fleet vs. Fleet: Spectral Shield IV or Deflector Shield IV with weaponry such as ECHO Rays, Polaron Rays, Thermal Beams, Gladius Drivers, AP Drivers, Wave Drivers or Hydra Missiles with Fusion Thrusters III or Rotation Thrusters and a booster that is either Focused Optics, Iridium Magnets, Phased Projectiles or AM Warheads with the best armor you can possibly fit with the remaining space.

VEGA hunting: See image below for TheHolyAsdf's build.

Base attacks: Spectral Shield IV or Shockwave Shield IV with weaponry such as Plasma Torpedoes or Creeper Torpedoes with Rear Thrusters V and the AM Warheads booster with the best armor you can possibly fit with the remaining space.

Mk IIEdit

Rancor Battleship Enhanced
Rancor II Battleship
Special Upgrade +5% DPS
Health 122
Max Cargo 79,200 t
Firing Arc 90 + 90 deg
Weapon Range 125%
Max Mass 2,562 t
Unladen Mass 255t
Sector Speed 198 AU/h
Combat Speed 250 m/s
Turning Speed 7 deg/s
Strafe Speed 70 m/s
Blood Amber Required 45

The Rancor Battleship Mk II gets a 5% DPS boost and is faster. The extra boosts allow the Rancor Battleship to perform better in overall combat. In addition, the new mass of the Rancor Battleship Mk II allows ECHO Ray Is to be fitted on, allowing the ECHO Ray setup for the Rancor Battleship to achieve fantastic results against enemy ships, especially low level frigates and other Rancor Battleships, albeit the NET Torpedo will be missing, which may cause slight issues when being outnumbered.


  • Rancor Battleships are the weakest battleships in the game.
  • Rancor Battleships have the least cargo capacity and health of any battleship in the game.
  • You receive a free Rancor Battleship on your 5th day playing.
  • The Rancor has the potential to take more damage than a Genesis Cruiser due to it's large maximum tonnage.

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