The Rancor Battleship carries many broadside weapons to overwhelm enemy ships. It trades speed for more firepower.
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Rancor Battleship
Rancor Battleship
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 1
Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 2
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 2
Health 102
Unladen Mass 255 t
Max Mass 2,135 t
Max Cargo 66,000 t
Firing Arc 90+90 deg at sides
Combat Speed 280 m/s
Turning Speed 8 deg/s
Strafe Speed 60 m/s
Sector Speed 240 AU/h
Modifiers 125% Range
Requirements Ship Lab V

Ship Factory V

Time 13h 53m
Helium-3 259,600
Antimatter 0
Build Time 18m
Helium-3 45,743
Antimatter 0
Base Repair Time 1m 42s

Rancor Battleship MKII
Rancor battleship MKII
Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 2
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 2
Resistance Slots 1 (+1)
Health 102
Unladen Mass 255t
Max Mass 2,242 t (+5%)
Max Cargo 82,500 (+20%)
Firing Arc 90+90 deg
Combat Speed 280 m/s
Turning Speed 8 deg/s
Strafe Speed 60 m/s
Sector Speed 240 AU/h
Modifiers +10% Cruiser Damage
-5% Weapon Mass
+5% Shield Bypass
Requirements Workshop ?, Rancor Battleship
Research Time
Mineral Ore
Craft Time 19m 29s
Mineral Ore 46,838
Pattern x1 Rancor Battleship MKII
Cores x1 Battleship T1
Ship Parts x10 Rancor Battleship Parts
Faction Armaments x4 Rebel Armaments


The Rancor Battleship is a beginner level, tier one Miner Rebellion hull. It is the first battleship available for the player to research.

They are popular among new level players, as they are strong hulls with lots of mass in comparison with other ships in the same tier. They are also commonly are used in combat by mid and high level players as cargo ships because of their instant repair time if fitted coorrectly.

See builds for the rancor battleship here.

Strategy and Setup

Battleships cannot fire directly in front or behind them. They can only fire to their flanks, if there are enemy ships on both flanks of the battleship, it will fire from both sides simultaneously, doubling the damage output.

Battleships are relatively cumbersome with a low rotation speed. Agile ships such as frigate can sometimes enter blind spot regions of the battleship that the battleship cannot fire on and attack with impunity.


Normally, Rancor battleships are used to fight in the level 20-30 range. They're very common in fleet vs. fleet battles and are frequently used in base attacks.

They have a unique AI, in that when left on auto-pilot, they flank enemy ships, potentially dodging projectiles and explosive missiles while firing.

Many players take advantage of battleship's AI to create auto fleets that can destroy low level VEGA fleets without requiring the player to attend the battle.

They are significantly stronger than Genesis cruisers and Harrier frigates due to their higher maximum mass, greater firepower, longer range and greater armor potential.


Rancor battleships are strong in the beginner levels but are outmatched when they face stronger tier 2 ships such as Venom battleships.

Instant-Rancors are hard-countered by Broadsword Destroyers.

Recommended Builds:

Fleet vs. Fleet:

One of the most effective weapons for the Rancor Battleship is the Gladius Driver. It is strongly recommended to pair the Gladius Driver with Iridium magnets for increased effectiveness. Projectile weapons have significant range, and can often out range other Rancor battleships in combat.

For these low level fighters, speed, range, and hit chance are the only things that matter. You could run a fleet of Rancor battleships with no armor or shields and still be entirely successful in FvF. Given the appropriate piloting and build, you wouldn't take any damage at all.

Rancor battleships are the first powerful hull that new players can utilize to actually compete in mid range FvF combat.

At later levels, the Rancor Battleship can be used with various Energy Weapons to gain increased effectiveness in low level FvF battles. Energy weapons tend to have low range, so it is important to extend the range of the energy weapons using Focused Optics 5. If the range of your Energy weapons is too low you may find your battleship out ranged and outpaced by faster frigates or cruisers with longer range weapons.

As a general rule, when fitting the Rancor battleship you should equip the highest level of Fustion Thrusters that you own. If you do not own Fusion Thrusters, use Rear Thrusters. Remember -- speed, turning, range, and hit chance are the only things that matter with the Rancor Battleship.

Do not Equip shields over tier 2 (or a tier 1 metaphase shield), and equip no armor at all for an instant repair. However tempting it might be to strive for a more durable ship, at a low level there is no point to adding extra repair to a ship that is doomed to inevitably be lost in combat anyway. You will lose your Rancors a lot, and that's alright. They are your training wheels for higher level FvF. Use them, lose them, then repair them.

Fleet vs. VEGA Cargo:

Explosive weapons such as HEX missiles, Scatter missiles and Hydra missiles are effective options to start off with, as they have decent range and firepower. Hex Missiles on a fleet of Rancor Battleships can easily be made into an effective Level 20-25 auto farming fleet.

There are many low level auto fleets that work to a great effect on YouTube. A common one is depicted in the gallery below.


  • Rancor Battleships are the weakest battleships in the game.
  • Rancor Battleships have the least cargo capacity and health of any battleship in the game.
  • You receive a free Rancor Battleship on your 5th day playing.
  • The Rancor has the potential to take more damage than a Genesis Cruiser due to its large maximum tonnage.
  • Rancor battleships are able to defeat level 35 VEGA cargo fleets on automatic piloting with smart and special configurations. Some of the favorite configurations are Gladius driver insta rancs.


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