Rebel Raiders




Rebel Raider (Supply run)

Rebel Supply Raiders

[V] Nighthawk Frigate x1

[V] Revelation Cruiser x6

[V] Valhalla Carrier x1

Fleet Armaments

Nighthawk Frigate - Hydra Missile x2 | Scatter Missiles x1 {Deflector Shield}

Revelation Cruiser - Thermal Beam x4 {Shockwave Shield}

Valhalla Carrier - Fighter Squadron x4 {Shockwave Shield} | {11,000m Scramble Range}

The easiest of the supply raiders.

Broadsword destroyers are prime candidates for farming these.

VEGA Raiders



VEGA Raider (Supply Run)

VEGA Supply Raiders

[V] Condor Frigate x1

[V] Apocrypha Cruiser x6

[V] Ragnarok Carrier x1

Fleet Armaments

Condor Frigate - HEX Missile x3 {Deflector Shield}

Apocrypha Cruiser - ECHO Ray x4 {Shockwave Shield}

Ragnarok Carrier - Fighter Squadron x4 {Shockwave Shield} | {11,000m Scramble Range}

Due to the durability of the VEGA Raiders, it's recommend to kite them with battleships.

Vsec Raider (53)


Vsec Raider 53

Vsec Supply Raiders

[V] Eagle Frigate x1

[V] Corinthian Cruiser x6

[V] Valkyrie Carrier x1

Fleet Armaments

Eagle Frigate - Vector Torpedo x3 {Deflector Shield}

Corinthian Cruiser - ECHO Ray x4 {Shockwave Shield}

Valkyrie Carrier - Fighter Squadron x4 {Shockwave Shield} | {11,000m Scramble Range}

The most dangerous of the raider fleets. With superior armor, shielding, and weaponry. Close-combat is suicide. Kiting with battleships and stasis weaponry is the preferred method of engagement.

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