VEGA's diverse set of technology allows most hulls to be modified and equipped in a large number of ways, allowing various playstyles to be taken up. Over time, certain builds and equipment became very widespread and mainstreamed by the community, causing them to be used very often. This page will list the different builds that, at one point or another, were utilized fairly often by players as a mainstream build.

Builds are divided into a few categories: Quality, Second-Hand, Uncommon, and Specialist.

Quality builds are seen as the mainstream build that everyone should use if possible on that particular hull. Generally these builds are the most effective for the tier.

Second-Hand builds are setups seen less often compared to the mainstream quality builds. These builds are not necessarily less powerful, however they are not seen or used as much as the others due to the quality builds generally surpassing them in some way. They typically reflect a quality build in some aspects, but are used because the individual in question lacks the appropriate technology to achieve the quality build.

Uncommon builds are not seen as often as others, generally they do not particularly fulfill the aspects of a quality build, but are not particularly specialist builds either, they fill a sort of middle ground and can often be somewhat universal to their applications.

Specialist builds are geared towards a specific role in particular, making them somewhat rare to see. Ships with a specialist build are usually geared towards accomplishing a specific task, such as attacking a base, drawing enemy fire, inflicting stasis, ect. Not all specialist builds are only capable of taking on one role, in some cases a specialist build can take on several roles, however a build that is created specifically to fulfill a particular goal is considered a specialist build.

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