The Python Cutter is a new take on the notorious Cutter class. A fast, aggressive design with plenty of mercenary attitude.
  — In-Game Description 


The Python Cutter is a high level, tier five Iron Star Company hull. It was first available in the event Emergence.

It is fast and powerful, a common end-game ship among high level players.


The Merc Python cutter will provide your fleets with the speed they need to chase down fleeing threats. With bonus armor health, this hull will cut through enemy lines with ease.
  — Sybil 


The Python Cutter has four armor slots instead of the usual two or three, which makes it more durable in combat. It has innate armor bonuses and weight reduction common to all Iron Star hulls giving it far more durability in combat especially when upgraded to MK V. It also has more available mass than the Komodo Cutter, allowing the best of all weapons, armor and equipment to be mounted on this ship.

Because of its armor, it has a solid chance eliminating destroy opposing cutter fleets. It also stands a better chance against battleships and cruisers.

It has a higher sector speed than most other ship classes, making it ideal for pursuing other player fleets in sector space.

A fleet of pythons is extremely powerful when they are fully upgraded to MK V, and they are a common favorite among the top players. Featuring up to 12,000 armor, combined with its speed, it can be used to fight through almost any end-game level fleet. It is not uncommon to see a fleet of MK V Pythons destroy a fleet of MK V Apocrypha cruisers due to its extreme durability and its access to the unstable reactor.

It can reliably defeat MK V battleships, MK V frigates and MK V destroyers, as well as overwhelm MK V Komodo and Gharial cutters.


Pythons has only three weapon slots, making it less potent offensively than the Gharial cutter and Komodo cutter.

Pythons only have one special slot. Placing a Fusion thruster III is strongly recommended as cutters' default maneuverability is sluggish. Pythons cannot have weapon specials like Focused Optics or Anti-Matter Warheads if this is equipped.

While Pythons MK V can challenge any end-game fleet, Doing so will usually result in your Python fleet sustaining significant damages. This is due to the fact that Pythons are usually short ranged and have one shield slot.

Obtaining crafting materials for the Python is rather difficult in comparison to the Gharial and Komodo cutters as the supply run fleets are strong.

Pythons, even though the bonus armor does not add extra repair time, have more armor slots and base health, and hence, an overall higher repair time in comparison to other cutters.

Python cutters equipped with Unstable Reactor or Fusion Thrusters remain slower than Basilisk Cutters with the Armored Thruster.


Get your hands on the fearless new Python Cutter, designed in secret by the Iron Star Company to combat VEGA.
  — Event Store description 
Python 3

Python cutters vs Python cutters face off.

Pythons should equip the best armor available to take advantage of the innate armor bonuses. Use Skirmish armor III over Zynthium V unless you expect projectile weapons to be used.

Weapons such as Burst rays, Impulse beams, Aurora rays are common among most Python cutters. NET Torpedoes and Arrestor Beams are also used.

It is strongly recommended to use an unstable reactor in the special slot. This is considered essential if you are hunting battleships with your Python cutters. Using a Midgard carrier or a Ragnarok carrier is strong recommended as well, as end-game battleships with stasis weapons can destroy pythons easily if they lack thrusters and an agility field.

Keep in mind, Pythons that are escorted with a carrier have to abandon their carrier or fight head on when facing an enemy cruiser fleet that has been upgraded to MK IV+


Python 4

Python cutters amidst rubble

Pythons that have not been upgraded are rather weak in comparison to ones that are upgraded to MK V, and can be destroyed by tier III ships with mass equal to or greater than Revelation cruisers. If they are equipped with Unstable reactors, your ships should do whatever it takes engage at medium range.

A fleet of MK IV Revelation cruisers may not be able to reliably defeat a fleet of solidly equipped MK V Pythons.

MK V Apocrypha cruisers equipped with Reverb ray, Manifold missiles and Nova rays are also powerful weapons against Python cutters, Python cutters will sustain additional damage from cruisers upgraded through the crafting system.

Use of energy or explosive resistors can make a significant difference in combat against Python cutters. Pythons are almost always equipped with energy weapons.

Python fleets without an agility field or a competent pilot can be easily destroyed by tier IV+ battleships equipped with many stasis weapons.

Usage by vega

Python cutters have been rarely seen among VEGA's corrupted Iron Star Amber army ranks, and only MK V variants have been sighted in the crafting fleets, armed with either Burst rays, or a mix of Gatling rays and NET torpedo.


  • The Python cutter essentially sacrifices damage and versatility for increased armor, compared it to the Komodo cutter.
  • The specifications to this ship, shown in the image below, were leaked nearly two weeks before the event started. The leaked statistics turned out to be accurate.
  • The Python cutter had a slower maximum speed, but accelerated to maximum speed much faster, in about a second. Other cutters would take about three seconds, which gave the Python cutter a head start in combat. This has since been changed, and Python cutters have the same maneuverability as all other cutters.
  • Like all cutters, the Python cutter is named after a reptile. The Python is a non-venomous genus of snake known for strangling its prey.
  • When it was first released, it was a tier IV ship, and its appearance was similar to a bulkier, beige Gharial Cutter.



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