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Built to be the front line hull of the Xeno Division, the Punisher Cruiser is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of enemy fire allowing its allies to blast enemies apart.
  — In-Game Description 
Punisher Cruiser
Icon 193
Faction Xeno Division
Hull Tier 6
Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 6
Shield Slots 2
Special Slots 2
Health 7,500
Unladen Mass 819 t
Max Mass 11,700 t
Max Cargo 113,600 t
Firing Arc 270 Degrees
Combat Speed 320m/s
Turning Speed 20 deg/s
Strafe Speed 150m/s
Sector Speed 270 AU
Modifiers 40% Alien Damage Resist
Requirements Ship Factory IX,Ship Lab IX
Event Points Required 1,500,000
Available in Vengeance
Build Time Unknown
Helium-3 Unknown
Antimatter Unknown
Base Repair Time Unknown

General Edit

The Punisher Cruiser is a high Level T6 Xeno Division Cruiser.It was first available in the Vengeance Event.

Strategy and Setup Edit

Advantages: Edit

With its high base health, 2 shield slots and 6 armor slots, the Punisher Cruiser is designed to take a real beating and absorb damage while allowing the rest of your fleet to lay waste to the enemy from a safe distance.

It also has access to the Talonite Armor, which significantly increases its survivability in battle due to the high health provided by the Talonite Armor.

Combined together with highly damaging ships like Battleships, this Hull can serve as an effective decoy for ships designed to counter the high damaging ships (frigates or cutters in this case).

The huge amount of health and defense it provides also makes it a worthy candidate for rushing bases in PvB Combat, as it is able to absorb enough damage to allow it to easily 2 star or 3 star a base.

Furthermore, with 40% resistance to alien damage, this hull is ideal for taking down alien targets as it takes reduced damage from alien weapons.

Disadvantages: Edit

The Punisher Cruiser, like all Cruisers, and considering its high base health and multiple armor slots, is bound to have a lot of repair time. Full Punisher fleets could average 20-24 hours of repair time, depending on their loadout.

The Punisher, considering it is not a Iron Star Company Hull, does not have access to the Skirmish Armor and Unstable Reactor, which can make it somewhat less effective in shrugging of damage as compared to the Heretic Cruiser.

The Punisher Cruiser also has less weapon slots compared to the Covenant Cruiser, making it less offense oriented and less suited to FvF Combat.

Also, considering its Tier 6, marking up the Cruiser will be extremely difficult to do so without buying a coin offer.

Setup Edit

Basing Fleets with the Punisher would be:

Fleet Bay 11-12

Fleet Bay 13

Usage by Xeno Division Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Punisher Cruiser is the First Tier 6 and Xeno Division hull in existence.
  • The Punisher Cruiser is the first hull to have inherent resistance to Alien Damage.
  • The Punisher Cruiser is the first hull to not use a symmetric design.
  • When fully equipped with Xeno division armor and weapons, the Punisher cruiser has a total health of 25334, rivaling that of the Bridge.


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