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The Pulsar Charger absorbs energy from surrounding subatomic particles to generate a devastating shockwave in the event of a hull breach. Upon ship destruction, the residual energy is violently released.
  — Fan-made Description 
Pulsar Charger Stats
Maximum Amount 4
Charging Time 8 s
Warning Range 3,500 m
AoE Radius 4,000 m

Fan-made art of the Pulsar Charger.


The Pulsar Charger is a very powerful Alien special. It gives a ship the ability to charge a massive green shockwave which deals Alien damage to all nearby enemies.

When charging, a white bar appears on top of the health bar, indicating the amount of time before the shockwave is released. A warning message is also shown above the ship control tab.

Note that both the warning range and AoE radius are calculated from the edge of the ship's hitbox.


The Pulsar Charger is unique to Alien Harvesters, which spawn during Alien Decimation events. The Harvesters begin charging the shockwave once they reach 75%, 50% and 25% health. Upon reaching 0% health, an additional shockwave is released immediately.

Despite the vivid graphics, the Pulsar shockwave only deals a moderate amount of damage.


There are very limited ways to mitigate the damage from the Pulsar shockwave.

The most straightforward method is to not be in the AoE radius when the shockwave finishes charging. This is near-impossible during blitzes due to the large AoE radius. Only kiters can effectively avoid the Pulsar shockwave.

The other method is to take down the Harvester quickly so that it does not get the chance to emit all 4 shockwaves. This is not as easy as it seems because Harvesters have insane durability. Players need to be able to deal 25% damage in less than 8 seconds to accomplish this. High-DPS weapons such as the Manifold Missile and the Xeno Disintegrator Cannon are advised.


  • The Pulsar Charger made its debut in Harvester fleets during the original Alien Decimation.



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