The Projectile Resistor increases hull resistance to Projectile weapons by deflecting kinetic projectiles.
  — In Game Description 
Projectile Resistor I II III
Mass 2% ship mass 4% ship mass 6% ship mass
Projectile Resist 10% 20% 30%
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Outbreak (Loot Drop),
Eradication (Loot Drop),
Alien Mobilization (Loot Drop),
Alien Decimation (Loot Drop),
AXIS (Loot Drop)
Build (Reusable Credit)
Time 4h 10h 18h
Helium-3 25,270 337,023 1,307,880
Antimatter 0 37,447 145,320
Buying (1x Instant Credit)
Blood Amber Cost 20 60 120
Coin Cost 80 180 280

Projectile Resistor I, II, and III, Respectively.


The Projectile Resistor is a ship resistor. It gives your hull a certain amount of resistance to Projectile weapons.

They were first available in the Black Market for purchase. They can be bought with either Blood Amber or coins. The level III version appears during the third week of the three-week cycle before being rotated with the Energy Resistor and the Explosive Resistor. Since then, this offer has been migrated to the Credit Market.

Strategy and Setup


Projectile Resistors provide a relatively good amount of protection against Projectile weapons. This can best be used in a few situations. For example, destroyers designed for attacking bases should equip Projectile Resistor III because Projectile turrets are common weapons that return fire against the destroyers. They also can serve well on decoys as Storm Driver Turrets are a major threat in base attacks. Iron Star Company Hulls also benefit from the resistor because Skirmish Armor protects both energy and explosive but not projectile, giving the ship more well-rounded protection.

Resistors do not increase repair time and can be incredibly efficient, far more efficient than Zynthium if the ship has sufficient health.


They are reusable items. Unlike Blueprints, players have a limited amount of them, which depends on the number they acquire. Fortunately, they aren't lost when they're removed from a ship, so they can be used on another one without problems. They are also hard to obtain as the strongest version, Level III, have relatively high prices in Blood Amber (120) and coins (280) when purchasing. The Level III version also rotates making it even harder to get, and you can only get a single Resistor III per cycle with Blood Amber.

They are not suitable for other hull types. For example, cutters are most vulnerable to Reverb Rays or Manifold Missiles and should use Energy Resistors or Explosive Resistors instead of a projectile resistor. Carriers of T4 and below would be better equipped with an Explosive Resistor rather than a Projectile Resistor as they are often targeted by Bomber Squadrons.

Resistors only give resistance to health, not to shields, hence they are not effective on hulls with low health. Resistors are only mathematically worth their weight if the ship has roughly more than 5,000 health. This means extra armor should be equipped with a resistor to utilize its full potential.



  • The Projectile resistor currently is the least used resistor

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