Gauss Driver   Precise Gauss Driver

The Precise Gauss Driver is a Projectile weapon that uses multiple magnetic coils to achieve long range and high damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Precise.Gauss.Driver I II III
Mass 283t 472t 786t
DPS 16 22 29
DPV 64 88 116
Range 2,250-5,200 m
Projectile Speed 1,000 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 4.0 / N: 1
Sound Effects
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Available in
Alien Mobilization (Store),
Civil War (Leaderboard)
Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Time 12m 30s 57m 00s 3h 30m 00s
Helium-3 189,041 1,152,957 4,101,195
Antimatter 9,950 203,463 1,367,065

Precise Gauss Driver I, II, and III, Respectively


The Precise Gauss Driver is a projectile weapon, only obtainable in Alien Mobilization events. The precise Gauss driver is a direct upgrade from the Gauss driver and fires a blue projectile at its targets at very long ranges.

The Precise Gauss driver has the longest range of all weapons, thus it should be used to attack mainly bases and not mainly fleets. The precise Gauss driver is superior the Gauss driver and to some extent, the Mass driver.

More recently, the precise gauss driver, along with other weapons originally only available during alien mobilizations, have become a prize awarded during Civil War events.

Strategy and Setup


The precise Gauss driver while having minor improvements to its firepower, however, has the longest range out of all weapons together on par with the Shatter Driver at 5,200m. This makes the precise Gauss driver effective for long range base with a minimal amount of damage using destroyers.

Unlike the Siege drivers the precise Gauss driver has a medium sized, minimal range arc making it possible to do fleet vs. fleet combat but is not advised because of its low projectile speed.

The Precise Gauss Driver is best used in bases as an anti-sniper turret weapon and an excellent way of stealing resources from enemy bases.

Precise Gauss Drivers are also easily procurable in Planet Strike.


The precise Gauss driver has several disadvantages. One being the fact that it has a very low damage output. This makes it very slow to destroy ships or base modules which often end up with you being out gunned or in base combat, timing out.

The precise Gauss driver also has a minimal range firing arc making it possible for enemies to stay in that arc and destroy your ships or for bases to launch squadrons onto your destroyers when you are distracted. Your ships risk being attacked helplessly if this happens.

Both the low damage output, low projectile speed makes it less ideal in comparison to more specialized weapons such as the Archer beam in fleet vs fleet and the Siege driver in basing.


  • The Precise Gauss driver is thought to be originally a Civil War prize before KIXEYE put the precise Gauss driver and more into the first ever Alien Mobilization after running out of ideas.
  • The Precise Gauss driver has the longest range together with the Shatter driver in the game. Despite the Shatters of a Shatter driver can range up to 6,200m.
  • The Precise Gauss driver used to be able to out range Storm driver turrets before they had their ranged increased, after it was decreased.


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