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The Polaron Ray is an unconventional Energy weapon with improved range and moderate damage.
  — In-game Description 
Polaron Ray I II III IV V
Mass  90 135 205 310 465
DPS  11 14 18 23 29
Range 0 - 3,500 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Sound Effect
Mech laser 01
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Other Requirements Disruptor Ray I Disruptor Ray II Disruptor Ray III Disruptor Ray IV Disruptor Ray V
Research Time 15h 20m 1d 6h 40m 3d 20h
Research Helium-3 1,934,087 4,453,781 9,051,150 27,957,722
Research Antimatter 341,310 1,113,445 3,017,050 7,987,920 11,981,880
Time 23m 46m 1h 32m 3h 4m
Helium-3 240,902 580,438 1,240,119 2,694,056
Antimatter 26,766 102,430 310,030 898,018
Repair 0s 0s 0s 0s 0s

General Edit

The Polaron ray is an energy based weapon with a longer range in comparison to that of Pulse ray and Disruptor ray as well as significantly lower firepower. It fires lasers rapidly in bursts.

Like most energy weapons, it doesn't miss its target when fired.

Description and Usage Edit


Polaron Ray.

When equipped with Focused optics V, the Polaron Ray has the same range other long range weapons such as Gladius driver and AP driver. An advantage of using this over projectile weapons is that the Polaron ray never misses its target, even when out of the ship's range. It also has no minimal range and is capable of firing at ships in short range.

Because of its range and accuracy, Polaron ray is a very ideal weapon to equip on battleships for attacking enemy ships at long ranges. Battleships can continuously attack enemy ships from afar while manoeuvring away from pursuing ships. This requires battleships to be equipped with focused optics V.

They are not as effective in close range combat than Thermal beams or Disruptor rays

Variants Edit

Repeating Polaron ray is a more powerful variant of the Polaron ray. Its range and damage output remains unchanged, however, it chains to other targets not unlike the ECHO ray or the Reverb ray. While both the aforementioned chaining energy weapons possess more raw firepower, Repeating Polaron ray is more lighter and have better mass to damage per second ratio.


  • The Polaron ray, unlike Disruptor Ray and Pulse Ray, makes a unique sound effect and has a unique beam texture when firing.
  • Unlike the Graviton Ray Turret, the Polaron is more popular. 
  • There was an update that changed the way the weapon fired. Before, it was a single, powerful beam that slowly recharged. Now, it fires 5 shots in quick succession at lower damage for each hit, and charges much quicker than before.
  • Voyager corvettes can equip a single polaron ray I with 0 tons left.


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