Fusion Torpedo   Fusion Torpedo Turret

The Fusion Torpedo is a long range Explosive weapon with high damage, fueled by volatile charged particles.
  — In-Game Description 
Fusion Torpedo I II III IV V
Mass 300t 450t 675t 1,015t 1,525t
DPS 15 19 24 31 40
DPV 84 106.4 134.4 173.6 224
Range 2,850-4,750 m
Projectile Speed 750 m/s
AoE Radius 500 m
Spread 15 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.6 / R: 5.0 / N: 2
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Arms Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Prerequisites HEX Missile I HEX Missile II HEX Missile III HEX Missile IV HEX Missile V
Time 4h 21m 19h 28m 2d 18h 48m 5d 9h 43m 6d 15h 09m
Helium-3 1,123,560 4,876,535 14,856,975 28,888,875 35,428,575
Antimatter 124,840 860,565 4,952,325 9,629,625 11,809,525
Time 14m 30s 49m 00s 2h 34m 00s 4h 54m 30s 6h 05m 30s
Helium-3 224,928 975,605 2,971,800 5,778,383 7,086,630
Antimatter 24,992 172,166 990,600 1,926,128 2,362,210

Fusion Torpedoes I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


Fusion Torpedoes are the last explosive weapon to be researched. The Fusion Torpedo is a powerful Explosive weapon particularly suited in attacking bases. It fires a pair of slow moving, missiles at their targets with a small spread but very high splash damage.

They are relatively uncommon to be seen in combat amongst players because of their lack of effectiveness in combat and rarity of players attacking other's bases in mid level ranges.

Strategy and Setup


Fusion Torpedoes have a very high splash damage and range. They are very effective blitz weapons for PvP or PvB alike. Due to its massive missile launch, it can be very hard to dodge and can easily hit multiple modules or hulls.

It has a rather high range, nearly on par with that of the Gladius Driver. Due to this, it can be sorta viable as a sniping weapon on battleships or destroyers which is something not very common with explosive weapons.


Fusion Torpedoes are marred by numerous disadvantages such as an extremely high mass, and cost. Its high cost is on par with much more superior weapons like the Vector Torpedo or the SICO Missile, its weight is also heavily on par with the weapons.

Fusion Torpedoes have a very slow projectile speed, meaning they are very easy to kite with other weapons or to move away, along with this it has a minimum range which is easily exploited by weapons like the Taipan Cutter.

Weapons like the Vector Torpedo or SICO Missile are much better replacements when factoring its low DPS for its large cost and weight.


Fury Battleships are the best hull to equip this due to its high mass. Level IV is recommended to balance its high weight, try to equip a Spectral Shield V or Metaphase Shield III, minimal armor, and Rear Thrusters V. Then max out your weapons.

Trident Destroyers do not benefit aswell but still can be used as an annoying PvP build for lower tier levels. Rear Thrusters IV are needed and armor and shield of your choice and equip the maximum amount of weapons.



  • Despite the amount of missile barrels increasing in the imagery field for the different levels of Fusion torpedoes, the fire rate and payload remain constant, the only thing that changes, among all levels is the damage per shot.
  • Early in closed beta, due to complaints about this weapon formerly being overpowered its weapon's range and DPS were severely reduced as well as its tonnage increased, spread was also added.
    • Despite the change being fueled by complaints, many had complaints afterwards due to the severity of the change.
  • This turret was once called the Plasma Torpedo, but it was changed to make sense with its turret name.

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