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The Plasma Torpedo is a long range Explosive weapon with high damage, fueled by volatile charged particles.
  — In-Game Description 
Plasma Torpedo I II III IV V
Mass  300t 450t 675t 1,015t 1,525t
DPS  15 19 24 31 40
Range 2,850 - 4,750 m
Projectile Speed 750 m/s
AoE Radius 500 m
Spread 15 deg
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Arms Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Other Requirements HEX Missile I HEX Missile II HEX Missile III HEX Missile IV HEX Missile V
Time 7h 40m 19h 10m 1d 6h 40m 2d 13h 20m
Helium-3 1,156,608 3,419,380 8,585,599 21,810,000
Antimatter 128,512 603,420 2,146,400 7,270,000 24,060,000
Time 23m
Helium-3 85,297
Antimatter 0

General Edit

Plasma Torpedoes are the last explosive weapon to be researched. The Plasma Torpedo is a powerful, explosive type weapon particularly suited in attacking bases. It fires a pair of slow moving, missiles at their targets with a small spread but very high splash damage.

They are relatively uncommon to be seen in combat amongst players because of their lack of effectiveness in combat and rarity of players attacking other's bases in mid level ranges.

Description and UsageEdit

Advantages: Edit

Plasma Torpedoes have a very high splash damage and range. They are not to be used in fleet vs fleet combat. They are effective at destroying bases when equipped on destroyers, out ranging base particular base turrets.

Their splash damage helps inflict collateral damage to adjacent base modules. They have relatively high amount of firepower for an explosive weapon.

Plasma Torpedoes.

Disadvantages: Edit

Plasma Torpedoes are marred by numerous disadvantages such as an extremely high mass, indeed, Plasma Torpedoes are some of the heaviest weapons in the entire game and players are not able to enjoy using the highest level of Plasma Torpedoes after researching it because its inefficient firepower/mass ratio.

Plasma Torpedoes have a very slow projectile speed, they are very easy to dodge but each salvo of torpedoes delivers a heavy blow if they do strike their targets. This greatly limits its use in fleet vs fleet combat.

Second major drawback is that it has a minimum range of 2850 Metres, any ship that passes within this threshold will not be targeted by your ships equipped with Plasma Torpedoes. Despite this, any Plasma Torpedoes will still detonate if it collides with an enemy ship inside this minimum range. 

Other usage of the plasma torpedo is in cargoing, NPC ships except for battleships do not attempt to evade the torpedoes, making them a fairly ideal weapon when fighting cargo fleets. Beware of enemy ships such as VEGA cruisers which will enter the minimum range and attack without repercussion. 


  • The splash damage will not harm your own ships. 
  • Despite the amount of missile barrels increasing in the imagery field for the different levels of plasma torpedoes, the fire rate and payload remain constant, the only thing that changes, among all levels is the damage per shot.
  • Early in closed beta, due to complaints about this weapon formerly being overpowered its weapon's range and DPS were severely reduced as well as its tonnage increased, spread was also added.
  • Despite the change being fueled by complaints, many had complaints afterwards due to the severity of the change.
  • Creeper Torpedo is lighter and has more DPS then Plasma Torpedo Level 5, the only drawback is having slightly less range and far less speed.


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