HEX Missile   HEX Missile Turret

HEX Missile Turret   Frenzied HEX Missile Turret

The HEX Missile Turret is an Explosive weapon with moderate range and power, but its true strength is area damage.
  — In-Game Description 
HEX Missile Turret I II III IV V
Mass 125t 220t 385t 675t 1,185t
DPS 18 31 54 95 166
DPV 126 217 378 665 1,162
Range 3,000-7,250 m
Projectile Speed 1,000 m/s
AoE Radius 300 m
Spread 40 deg
Firing Cycle C: 1.0 / F: 2.6 / R: 3.4 / N: See below
Clip Size 2 3 4 5 6
Sound Effects
Weap fire plasma battery l1 01
Weap fire plasma battery l1 02
Weap fire plasma battery l1 03
Weap fire plasma battery l1 04
Weap fire plasma battery l1 05
Weap fire plasma battery l1 06
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Prerequisites Coil Driver
--- --- --- ---
Time 1h 25m 20s 4h 16m 00s 12h 48m 00s 1d 14h 24m 00s 4d 19h 12m 00s
Mineral Ore 770,987 2,191,229 7,773,747 15,615,060 31,733,549
Antimatter 40,578 243,470 1,371,838 3,903,765 10,577,850
Time 8m 32s 25m 36s 1h 16m 48s 3h 50m 24s 11h 31m 12s
Mineral Ore 158,255 474,768 1,770,785 3,652,648 7,648,179
Antimatter 0 0 196,754 644,585 1,912,045

HEX missile turret I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively.


The HEX Missile Turret is a base Explosive weapon. It is the first base explosive weapon available for research.

They fire bursts of red, glowing orbs of plasma that have a moderate projectile speed. The number of bolts per burst increase as you equip a higher level version of the turret. They are popular turrets at medium range defence amongst low level players.

Strategy and Setup


HEX missile turrets are oriented for medium range defence and support long range turrets to fighting off long range attacks from fleets of destroyers. They have the highest amount of firepower of all rebel base turrets when using the level V variant. This can seriously cripple a Miner Rebellion Hulls rush attempt.

They are effective against destroy decoy ship at mid levels, they have high rate of fire and effective at destroying carrier squadrons. While the plasma bolts are slow moving and easy to dodge, HEX turrets fire them numerously, making it more difficult to dodge than projectile turrets.


While the description says that is the area damage, HEX missile turrets do not have a high amount of splash damage, but high amount of spread, making it unsuitable for destroying single targets are long range but better against groups of ships.

While they are versatile in their defence role, they do have weaknesses such as the fact that any destroyer armed withSiege drivers can destroy combat modules with HEX missile turrets while staying out of their range.

They are also replaced with SICO missile turrets when the player obtains them as they are far more powerful.


They can be effective against blitz and close range attacks. Players should spread their HEX missile turrets to cover each other's minimum firing range. Using them for anti-sniping is not very smart as they are easily outranged by the Siege Driver.

Players should put the highest level of HEX Missile Turret on their Combat Module as they can and try to put as much armor as possible, specials are not really needed but Antimatter Warheads can also be good in combination.



  • The Plasma missile turret was once called the Heavy Plasma charger.
    • After recent patches, it was renamed to the HEX Missile Turret to have a ship counterpart
  • Like the Fusion Torpedo Turret, when you upgrade it, the HEX missile turret fires more plasma bolts per salvo.

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