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The Plasma Gatling originates from an experiment merging two Alien weapons together: the Photon Gatling and the Plasma Ray.
  — Fan-made Description
Plasma Gatling Stats
Range 0-8,500 m
Projectile Speed 4,000 m/s
Shield Bypass +25%

Fan-made art of the Plasma Gatling.


The Plasma Gatling is a modified Alien weapon. Its looks are the same as that of the Plasma Ray, but has a firing pattern similar to that of the Photon Gatling.

This weapon has built-in shield bypass like all other Barrage Hive weapons, further decreasing the effectiveness of shields.

The Plasma Gatling fires 7 Alien-typed non-piercing shots in rapid succession, then reloads for 4 seconds before repeating the cycle.


This weapon appears in Barrage Hive Fleets; each Hive carries a single Gatling which does relatively low damage from medium range. The Hives display a strong preference towards locking on to a particular ship.

During Alien Decimation, Barrage Harvesters spawn in the final phase. They use an advanced version of the weapon, the Greater Plasma Gatling, which deals greatly increased damage and also has slightly more range. Each Harvester comes equipped with 2 Brutal Plasma Gatlings.


You can further mitigate the damage from this weapon by flying the targeted ship perpendicular to the line of fire. Most of the shots will miss due to the lack of homing ability.


  • Plasma Gatlings first appeared in Unknown Barrage Hives seen throughout the first Alien Mobilization of March 2017.


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