Event Overview


The forces of our enemies have launched coordinated strikes on our planets in a vain effort to subdue our uprising

Rebels, it is time to defend your planets!

Destroy these enemy fleets and show these invaders we will not be crushed underfoot

Event Information

Similar to the Blood Trials and Redemption it features fleets with marked up VEGA Hulls as the enemy levels 27-45. It is meant for newer players to earn medium game tech faster than usual, as they also feature hull blueprints. However, the fleets only appear in-planet spawning from select Resource fields, this caused spawn rates to be horrible as many players attacked and stole from others. There are no base attack fleets making it a first of its kind and had a revamped resource credit.

You cannot exchange intel for resources after the event is over.

Event Prizes

This event is the first (of several) to re-introduce past event Prizes. These are different depending on which Special event has occurred and which prizes KIXEYE decides to re-release.

The first through fifth Planet Strike's prizes are as followed:

Returning Prizes Amount of Intel Returning Prizes Amount of Intel
Arc Missile I 40,000 Impulse Beam Turret I Antimatter Scoop I Metaphase Shield I Fusion Thrusters I 45,000
Arc Missile II 160,000 Impulse Beam Turret II Antimatter Scoop II Metaphase Shield II Fusion Thrusters II 180,000
Arc Missile III 400,000 Impulse Beam Turret III Antimatter Scoop III Metaphase Shield III Fusion Thrusters III 450,000
Apocrypha Cruiser Gharial Cutter Condor Frigate Dread Battleship 500,000
Corinthian Cruiser Komodo Cutter Lance Destroyer Zeal Battleship Ragnarok Carrier 600,000
Valkyrie Carrier 700,000

Fleet Values


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
27 8,500 (9,000)
30 9,500 (11,000)
33 12,000 (13,000)
35 14,000 (15,000)
37 18,000 (20,000)
40 33,000 (30,000)
45 60,000 (60,000)

NOTE: The values in brackets are only applicable for the first few Planet Strikes. These values were unintended by KIXEYE. All subsequent instances of Planet Strike may use the normal, intended values.

Fleet Layouts

VEGA Armada (27-65)-0
  • VEGA ARMADA: A heavily armed VEGA fleet, spreading despair throughout the sector.


  • Even though the event is meant for lower levels they only give you 2 days to amass such point count to buy hulls and tech/
  • The pitiful fleets from VEGA seem to signal they have fallen in military power and the rebellion have the greater dominance
  • Bishop is seen in the event description which could mean he leads this attack.
  • This replaced the Special Event in May.
  • The low spawn rate bugged many players but was never changed often leading to lower players unable to get what they wanted
  • This event is thought not to have base attacks as the base attacks might destroy beginner level bases or simply hinder their building.



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