The Pathfinder Corvette is a simple design, commonly used by new pilots. It has a wide field of fire.
  — In-game Description 
Pathfinder Corvette
Pathfinder Corvette
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 1
Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 0
Special Slots 0
Health 8
Unladen Mass 5 t
Max Mass 40 t
Max Cargo 2,000 t
Firing Arc 360 deg
Combat Speed 300 m/s
Turning Speed 30 deg/s
Strafe Speed 140 m/s
Sector Speed 210 AU/hr
Amount Received 2 Pathfinders
Base Repair Time 8s


The Pathfinder Corvette is the only widely obtained playable ship in the game that is unable to be researched or built, despite receiving two at the beginning of the game.

Strategy and Setup


They are a great souvenir if you wish to relive the old days for no reason whatsoever. Potential uses have been totally wiped out except accompanying spam fleets against low level fleets, where the Pathfinder Corvette will likely die anyway.

Most of the time, high end players use it as a cheap decoy to send in the distract the enemy for a few seconds to setup a formation, it does a very good job at this and is really the only use for this hull.


After the grand rebalance, the almost every use for the Pathfinder in PvP was killed. It could no longer outrun any Voyager Corvette and seeing how fast you can build a Voyager Corvette early on this makes it almost instantly replaced.

Even if you do wish to use this, it has the lowest stats for any hull in the game.



  • Be cautious scrapping these hulls, as the 2 you start off with are the only 2 you'll ever get.
  • The Pathfinder corvette is one of three ships without base special slots, the other two being the Voyager Corvette and Harrier frigate.
  • The Pathfinder has the least health, max mass, unladen mass, weapon slots, and cargo out of any ship.
  • They share the highest turning speed (30 deg/s) of any ship with the Voyager Corvette.
  • The Pathfinder is one of three non carrier ships with a 360 degree firing arc, the others being the Voyager Corvette and Suppressor.