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The Osprey Frigate is a new design with considerable support for after-market modifications. A superb heavy frigate.
  — In-Game Description 

Osprey Frigate
Osprey Frigate
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 3
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 3
Health 1,200
Unladen Mass 500t
Max Mass 4,500 t
Max Cargo 86,400 t
Firing Arc 135 deg
Combat Speed 360 m/s
Turning Speed 32 deg/s
Strafe Speed 280 m/s
Sector Speed 330 AU/h
Modifiers +10% Thruster Speed
Requirements Unknown
Event Points Required 1,500,000 Data Cores
Available in Countermeasures, Legacy Event
Build Time 1d 2h 34m
Helium-3 18,000,000
Antimatter 4,500,000
Base Repair Time Unknown

General Edit

Learn the true meaning of speed with the Osprey Frigate, a versatile new Rebel Hull.
  — Event Store 

The Osprey Frigate is an mid level, tier three Miner Rebellion hull. It was available in the event Countermeasures.

Osprey frigates are incredibly rare ships to be seen. The event that had rewarded the blueprint was difficult and only a handful of players had obtained the blueprint and even less had built any.

Strategy and Setup Edit

Osprey frigates is a rare, heavy frigate with unique traits and setup.

Advantages: Edit

Osprey frigates have three utility slots, that allows for engine equipment and two weapon boosters such as a combination of phased projectiles and iridium magnets.

Osprey frigates feature rather significant room for equipment, allowing for a large variety of setups.

It also has a high amount of default health for greater robustness in combat and a slightly higher speed than all other frigates with its unique +10% thruster speed.

Disadvantages: Edit

Osprey frigates key weakness is that it has rather low firepower despite having three utility slots.

Although featuring that many utility slots may seem like an advantage for hit and run tactics, upgrading any frigate to MK IV can yield the same advantage and VSec version of the frigate has more mass.

In addition to low firepower, Osprey frigates may find they must engage in medium range combat at least as most other ship hulls often have equal or slightly less range on cruisers, battleships and destroyed.

Cutters are faster than Osprey frigates and will overpower them with sheer damage output.

Osprey frigates cannot be upgraded with the crafting system.

Osprey frigates blueprints as of now cannot be obtained. Overall, this ship is a something special to have but overall not effective in combat.

Recommended Builds: Edit

Common ideal weapons on Osprey frigates for medium range combat would be Aurora ray, Gatling ray, Thermal beams, Hydra missiles and Impulse beams. Take advantage of the utility slots to equip focused optics and ion modulator.

For hit and run combat, Gladius drivers and Vector torpedoes are good options. Use Anti-matter warheads.

Trivia Edit

  • The design of the Osprey frigate somewhat resembles the style of the Genesis Cruiser, although it is superior to the Genesis cruiser in every way and is nothing similar to it other than the appearance.
  • The Osprey frigate is the first ship in the game that has three utility slots.
  • Like most frigates, the Osprey is named after a species of bird. The Osprey is a type of Raptor and is unusual for being a single species that can be found nearly anywhere in the world.
  • The Osprey frigate has only been released once, although it was never confirmed it wouldn't come back (re-released in the legacy edition of the Special Event of March 2017).

Gallery Edit

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