She will stop at nothing to end the Heralds and silence the word of On-Wah.
  — Klavik on his sister Ny'tah. 


The Oligarchs are a rogue sub-faction of the Altairians, led by Klavic's sister Ny'tah. They were first encountered by the Miner Rebellion during Contact.


In Contact, Klavic warns the Miner Rebellion of the Oligarchs, a splinter faction led by his sister, Ny'tah. claiming they will stop at nothing to end the Heralds, and begs them for help in defeating them. The Miner Rebellion agrees to help, and together they manage to destroy the Vanguard of their assault.

In Deadlock, Ny'tah gives the Miner Rebellion and Heralds a chance to surrender after hearing of their initial success, and when they refuse, commits more of her ships towards decimating them. Her ships enter cryo-sleep during the hyperspace travel, and awaken when fired upon by the Miner Rebellion. The rebels use that to their advantage however, and manage to destroy most of the Brigade sent after them.

Ships and Technology

The Oligarchs, being a subfaction, use Altairian Ships and technology. Their ships are coloured red. Their ships also possess certain weapons that are exclusive only to them and not the Heralds.

They are able to enter Cryo Sleep when faced with long hyperspace journeys, and thus are stationary at first when entering combat. However, if they detect any threats nearby or are fired upon, the ships will immediately chase and destroy their aggressors.

Klavic warns of the lethality of the Oligarch Armada, noting that the ships were the same ones that overthrew On-Wah and siezed the Altairian capital.

Mk I, III and V ships are the most prominent among their fleets. The Mk I-III variants of their ships deal one of the conventional damage types, while the Mk V Versions deal plasma damage.

Notable Figures

The Heralds are led by Klavic's sister, Ny'tah. Unlike her brother, she despises the teachings of her father On-Wah, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Heralds and silence the word of her father.


  • The Oligarchs are the "bad guys" of the Altairians. The Vanguard of their armada clashed with the Miner Rebellion for the first time during Contact.