The Nighthawk frigate makes short work of its enemies by evading their attacks. Frigates only have forward weapons.
  — In-Game Description 


The Nighthawk Frigate is a mid level, tier three Miner Rebellion hull and it is the last frigate available for research to players. 

They are mostly seen used by low level players but are mostly uncommon. Some high level players take advantage of the three utility slots and use them to haul cargo, along with generating antimatter with antimatter scoops.



The Nighthawk frigate can be a capable ship with good piloting. It has a moderate mass, allowing for a variety of equipment to be fit on. The Nighthawk Frigate can be used to eliminate low level fleets with ease if using long range weapons and engine modules.  

Nighthawks are fast and are able to escape most ships that pursue it, they are agile and far more durable and deadly than Talon frigates. They can be upgraded to MK IV giving them an additional utility slot, potentially making them excellent cargo collection fleets or equip two weapon boosters and an engine.  

They're were once multi-purpose ships, and as such were very popular in the stages early after closed beta, due to their efficiency, cheap build times, and deadly force against Revelation cruisers at the time, as Revelation cruisers had far less mass.  


As of now, they're still somewhat popular amongst mid level players, but they're frequency has been diluted since the introduction of superior frigates such as Condor frigates and Eagle frigates in higher level combat.  

They're greatest weakness is likely their lack of firepower and durability.  

They can be dispatched extremely easily by simply using battleships equipped with Hydra missiles or ECHO rays, as they have greater range and firepower, Nighthawks however can outrun battleships most of the time.  

Fleets comprised of Revelation cruisers or above can destroy Nighthawks very easily in a direct combat and fleets comprised of cutters quickly annihilate these ships as they are faster and have more firepower. Despite this, you should still build a few to destroy low level fleets looking to steal your resources or cause trouble as well as for pursuing and destroying enemy Nighthawks.  


Fleet vs. Fleet: Spectral Shield V or Shockwave shield IV are ideal.  

Common weapons include Gladius Drivers, Thermal Beams, Impulse Beams, Hydra Missiles and Disruptor Rays with Rear Thrusters V and a weapon booster corresponding with your weapon type such as Iridium magnets or Focused Optics, with the best armour you can possibly fit with the remaining space.  

VEGA Hunting: Shockwave Shield IV, with weaponry such as Gladius drivers or Mass Drivers with Rear Thrusters IV+ and with Iridium magnets, this setup grants Nighthawks armour high speed for outrunning VEGA ships and attacking them from maximum range with projectile weapons.  

Decoys for basing: Highest possible shielding and armour balance with Strafe Thrusters V and if possible, Armored Holds if space is available with a single Pulse Ray I.  


  • Like most frigates, the Nighthawk is named after a bird. A nighthawk is one of several species of nocturnal birds.
  • An enhanced variant of the Nighthawk was available in the market but has been removed in favour of the crafting system


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