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Nexus Destroyer
Nexus Destroyer
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 2
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 2
Health 144
Unladen Mass 120 t
Max Mass 2,220 t
Max Cargo 96,000 t
Firing Arc 45 deg
Combat Speed 200 m/s
Turning Speed 15.0 deg/s
Strafe Speed 120 m/s
Sector Speed 240 AU/h
Modifiers 150% Range
Requirements Android Mobile Device, Ship Lab VII
Time Unknown
Helium-3 Unknown
Antimatter Unknown
Build Time 7h 22m 50s
Helium-3 5,420,062
Antimatter 0
Base Repair Time 2m 24s

General Edit

The Nexus Destroyer is an exclusive, low level, tier two Miner Rebellion hull. It was a destroyer only available for research on mobile for a limited time. It then became a upgrade credit for the Broadsword destroyer before the removing of MK E hulls.

Since then it is no longer a obtainable hull, but those who researched the blueprint can still build them.

Strategy and Setup Edit

Advantages: Edit

Nexus destroyers are slightly improved versions of Broadsword destroyers. It possesses a shield slot by default, it does not need to be upgrade through the crafting system to get a shield slot.

It has more mass than the Broadsword destroyer allowing more armour and firepower, enhancing its ability destroying bases and other fleets at low level to mid level combat.

Disadvantages: Edit

Nexus destroyers could only be accessed by mobile users and cannot be researched many players. Most players do not have access to it.

Nexus destroyers cannot be upgraded through the crafting system, hence it cannot be obtain bonus damages against cruisers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nexus destroyer was the first mobile exclusive ship.
  • As of a recent update the Nexus destroyer can be built on both Android and PC.
  • The Nexus destroyer has been removed from the research list, so it can no longer be researched due to it being a limited ship. However, those who have completed the research can still build them.
  • The Nexus destroyer's namesake is of Google's Nexus phones, posted by CM CarterGee.
  • Due to the Nexus Destroyer being an upgrade credit with the basic standards of Mk II ships, the Nexus Destroyer can be considered the first ever Mk E hull.
  • Due to the removal of Enhanced upgrades with the addition of Crafting, the Nexus is the last Enhanced hull in existance.
  • It has an identical color scheme of a Mark III Broadsword Destroyer.

Gallery Edit


How many Nexus Destroyers do you have?

The poll was created at 03:48 on February 13, 2017, and so far 4 people voted.

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