The Nexus Destroyer is designed for heavy fire support. It has the long range typical of all destroyers.
  — In-Game Description 


The Nexus Destroyer is an exclusive version of the Broadsword Destroyer, once available for research on Android devices for a limited time. Since then it is no longer an obtainable hull, but those who have researched the ship can still build them.

As a destroyer, this ship has modest firepower but very long range, taking out opponents from afar.

It was a promotional hull for VEGA Conflict's launch on the Android play store, with its name referring to Google's Nexus phones.

Strategy and Setup


Nexus Destroyers have 20% more maximum mass than Broadsword Destroyers. This allows for more equipment and consequently improves the ship's effectiveness.

It has a shield slot at Mk I, removing the need to farm and craft mark upgrades for the ship.


Other than increased maximum mass, Nexus Destroyers do not possess any of the mark upgrade bonuses the Broadsword Destroyer would otherwise have, such as increased damage to cruisers and lighter weapons. Overall, Nexus Destroyers are about on par with Mk III Broadsword Destroyers.


  • The Nexus Destroyer was later made available on PC devices as well, but soon became unavailable for research on all platforms, so it is now an unobtainable ship. However, those who have completed the research can still build them.
  • The Nexus Destroyer can be considered the first ever Mk E hull as an upgrade credit to the Broadsword Destroyer.
  • With the removal of Enhanced upgrades in favor of the Crafting system, the Nexus Destroyer is the last Enhanced hull in existence.
  • It used to have the color scheme of a Mk III Broadsword Destroyer, but now looks like a Mk II version.