NET Torpedo   NET Torpedo Turret

The NET Torpedo (Null Engine Thrust) is a Vsec Explosive weapon designed for what is politely known as "non-lethal" engegements
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NET Torpedo I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 5 6
Blueprint Tier VSec Tier II VSec Tier III VSec Tier IV
Mass 625t 1,015t 1,525t
DPS 13 16 20
DPV 78 96 120
Range 2,500-4,250 m
Projectile Speed 1,100 m/s
AoE Radius 500 m/s
Spread 5 deg
Stasis 30% 50% 70%
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 6.0 / N: 1
Sound Effects Firing
Weap fire vsec stasis torp l1 01
Weap fire vsec stasis torp l1 02
Weap fire vsec stasis torp l1 03

Projectile Flying

Weap fly vsec stasis torp l1 01
Weap fly vsec stasis torp l1 02
Weap fly vsec stasis torp l1 03
Time 34m 30s 1h 9m
Helium-3 187,949 638,851
Antimatter 0 70,984
NET Torp

NET Torpedo I, II, and III, Respectively


The NET Torpedo is a special explosive weapon that has a unique ability to produce stasis effect on ships. Players can procure the blueprints for it defeating level 27-45 VSec fleets. Ships under stasis effect suffer from greatly impaired rotation, strafe and forward speed.

Net 1

The red orb/bolt fired from NET torpedoes.

This makes the NET torpedo useful in particular fleet vs fleet combat, especially for long range ships that should avoid close range combat.

The degree of the stasis effect depends on the level of the torpedo being used, with level III being higher than levels II or I.

NET torpedoes can be recognized by their unique sound effect and a slow moving, large red glowing orb. They are commonly equipped on battleships between mid level and high level players and are very popular.

Strategy and Setup


The NET torpedo is most useful on battle ships in the battle ship/carrier fleet used to kite VEGA fleets and players shorter ranged fleets such as cruisers. it is most effective used with volatile fuel, enhancing its area of effect, speed and accuracy.

NET torpedoes particularly synergize well with Vector torpedoes.

NET torpedoes in contrast to Arrestor beams do not need to keep their targets within their firing arc and do not have a delay prior to firing. They can simply fire the torpedo and begin distancing themselves from the target, Arrestor beams must keep their target within the weapon's firing arc to utilise its full stasis effect.

NET torpedoes have an area of effect with its stasis, it can impair the movement of multiple ships grouped close together with a single torpedo. Arrestor beams can only stasis a single ship.


NET torpedoes are heavy and have very low firepower. Equipping one or more will do so at a significant cost of damage output. This disadvantage stands out if you cannot take advantage of your ships weapon's range such as battleships vs destroyers.

NET torpedoes can potentially miss their targets, they can be easily dodged if they are not enhanced with volatile fuel.

NET torpedoes are sometimes equipped along with energy weapons on battleships. Battleships with energy weapons necessitates the use of focused optics, since focused optics also increase the weight of the NET torpedoes as well as any other weapon, it is not efficient and will cost the ship to sacrifice even more armor and firepower. This disadvantage is particularly severe in battleship vs battleship combat.


  • The NET torpedo is the first ship weapon to have a stasis.
  • It has the highest mass of any explosive ship weapon to date, equal to the Plasma torpedo.
  • The stasis effect caused ends faster than the reload time of the NET torpedo , making it impossible to permanently slow a ship unless firing multiple NET torpedoes.
  • An update reduced the effectiveness of the NET torpedo l by reducing the stasis from 40% to 30% and increases the stasis on the NET torpedo III by increasing stasis from 60% to 70%. This is because of the overuse of the lower level NET Torpedo thanks to its lower mass and the unpopular use of the higher level NET because of the excessive mass requirement.
  • There was a long term glitch where all stasis weapons had their stasis listed as 0%.
  • NET torpedoes are not completely accurate, they can miss targets that are not moving.


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