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General Edit

The Myster Voice as a call sign given to an anonymous individual who was rallying the Miner Rebellion riots. He used to work for the VEGA Corporation and assisted them to substantial extent to the uprising's early stages by releasing VEGA Corporation's technologies and blueprints.

With the introduction of the VEGA Security, the Mystery Voice vanished and has not been heard of since. However, he did announce in his last messages that would be cease assisting the Miner Rebellion and needed to go into hiding.

History Edit

Identity unknown but evidence suggest that he once worked for the VEGA Federation up until around seven years ago. The Mystery Voice is responsible for the Uprising event and is shown to also have manipulated the VEGA Corporation into instigating the Retribution Event.

His goal, as it seems, is to collect data cores which only can only be retrieved by attacking certain VEGA Corporation fleets and is the reason he started these events. They have since been continued by rebels as traditional attacks on VEGA Corporation, as the rebels have now found ways to steal the VEGA Corporation's technology by themselves, as shown in Riots and other events like Martial Law. The Mystery Voice has not been mentioned ever since Crackdown event but he did say in his last transmission that he needed to disappear forever.

Some speculate that his identity may have been Larus, due to the fact that Larus used to work for the VEGA Corporation, and he was a close insider who knew quite a bit about their plans.

Profile Edit

Mystery Voice's appearance is unknown. Throughout his efforts to instigate the uprising, he had a rather boisterous and gloating personality. At times he is sarcastic, taunting his opponents and boastfully promises rewards for the Miner Rebellion to reap if they help him accomplish his objectives. At times, his messages are brief and gets straight to the point.

Despite his rather clamorous demeanour, he has always kept his end of the bargain during event, rewarding rebel miners who participate.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mystery Voice is seen to be sarcastic in his messages.
  • The Mystery Voice sends all of his messages in caps.

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