Modules are the structures/stations that make up your base. They are all powered by the Bridge's reactor. In order for a module to be powered, it must be no more than two squares away from any other powered building.

Different modules perform a variety of different tasks and have different individual functions. They constitute the cornerstone of military, resourcing and technological advancements. Some modules produce resource income, others construct and develop new ships and some are used for base defence.

Modules will explode when destroyed. When they explode, it causes collateral damage the surrounding modules will take damage. When bases are attacked, 25% damage causes a defence system called a defence matrix to spring up that lasts for 2 hours. 50% damage to the base and/or bridge destruction causes defence matrix to last 12 hours. 64% damage or higher to the base results in a full day protection sequence. Naturally, this would drop if a player decided to attack another, either fleet or base. They are safe to attack VEGA fleets without losing their defence matrix.

Base modules do not cost any resources to repair but do take time. The amount of time they take to repair is equivalent one point of armor or shield to one second of repair time. The same applies to ships.

All Modules

Icon Mineral Miner 4
Icon Storage 4
Icon Antimatter 4
Icon Ship Lab 4
Icon Weapon Lab 4
Tech Lab 4
Workshop 3
Miner Module Storage Module Antimatter Silo Ship Lab Arms Lab Tech Lab Crafting Workshop
Icon Commerce Module
Icon Terminus Mine
Icon Fleet Bay 4
Ship Factory 4
Combat Module 4
Commerce Module Terminus Mine Fleet Bay Bridge Ship Factory Combat Module

Known Issues

Resolved Bugs

  • Players should no longer lose recalled fleets when returning to base view at the same time another fleet returns to base.
  • Several fixes have been made to help address connectivity issues while performing certain actions.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the upgrade progress bar to disappear after a module was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue in which fleets were stuck in repair and were unable to be used.


  • Collateral damage was added on December 18th, 2013.
  • Refitting"and upgrading base modules originally could only be done one at a time. After an update, players can now upgrade one module while refitting a different one.

Flash Gallery

The pictures here are all old images of the of base modules when the game was still using the flash player or when it was in early unity:

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