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Just like base turrets, ship weapons come in three types, energyprojectile and explosive. They are all relatively rudimentary weapons with many more powerful weapons obtainable in events and blueprints. Nevertheless, players are strongly encouraged to research and use these weapons as they progress through the game.

Most miner weapons can be researched at the ship lab. Some variants of the weapons can only be obtained in special events. This is the list of ship weapons:

Pulse 5

Pulse Ray

Pulse rays are the basic, cheap, short ranged, energy weapon.
Rail 5

Rail Driver

Basic projectile weapon with medium range. The shells fired can be dodged.
Scatter 5

Scatter Missiles

Basic explosive but versatile weapon. Fires a volley of missiles at medium range.
Dis Beam 5

Disruptor ray

Strong but short ranged energy weapon.
Gauss 5

Gauss Driver

Long range projectile weapon with moderate firepower.
Hex 5

HEX Missile

Explosive weapon with ideal range and firepower. Fires volleys of plasma bolts.
Plasma Torp 5 Ship

Plasma Torpedo

Fires slow moving torpedoes at long ranges. Torpedoes can be dodged but has a high explosive radius.
Polaron 5

Polaron Ray

Long range energy weapon that deals low amounts of damage.
MD 5

Mass Driver

Long range projectile weapon with moderate firepower.
Scatter 5

Frenzied Scatter Missile

A powerful variant of the Scatter missile. It is heavier but has improved firepower and explosive radius. Only obtainable in special events.
Gauss 5

Precise Gauss Driver

An extremely long range projectile weapon with moderate damage output. Only obtainable in special events.
Polaron 5

Repeating Polaron Ray

Inheriting chaining attributes from ECHO ray, the lasers from this improved energy weapon now ricochets from target to target, dealing more damage overall.

Pulse 5

Boosted Pulse Ray

Stronger variant of the Pulse ray with additional damage inflicted to shields.
Hex 5

Frenzied HEX Missile

An enhanced variant of the HEX missile with greater firepower and explosive radius.


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