Base turrets are used to destroy attacking enemy fleets, usually other rebels or the VEGA corporation. In addition to each combat module's equipment, you also must consider the placement of your combat modules and collateral damage of modules. Miner Rebellion base weapons are researchable in the Arms Lab:

Base Weapons

Thermal Rray V

Thermal Ray Turret

Strong, short range, energy weapon that fires bolts of lasers at its targets.
Coil V

Coil Driver Turret

Long range projectile weapon that fires single, hard hitting rounds at its target. Essential for early long range defence. Its projectiles however, frequently miss.
Polaron V

Graviton Ray Turret

Medium range energy weapon with significantly less firepower than the Thermal ray turret.
Plasma V

Plasma Missile Turret

Fires volleys of explosive, plasma bolts at its target, ideal for medium range defence.
Torp V

Fusion Torpedo Turret

Launches volleys of highly explosive torpedoes at its target at medium to long ranges.

Kinetic Driver Turret

A more powerful variant of the Coil driver turret with more range and firepower.

Enhanced Turrets

Plasma V

Frenzied Plasma Missile Turret

An upgraded Plasma Missile Turret with increased DPS, AoE, Projectile Speed, and weight.


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