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Metaphase Shield   Metaphase Field

The Metaphase Shield is a shield for ships that provides equal protection against Energy, Projectile and Explosive weapon types.
  — In-game Description 
Metaphase Shield I II III
Requirements (Event Shop) 50,000 Data Cores or 500 Detainees 2,500 Detainees 7,500 Detainees
Mass 64t 384t 1,152t
Defense 90 %
Resists All damage types
Shield Energy 160 960 2,880
Unlocking (Only obtainable in events Uprising,Crackdown, and Riot)
Time 1m 30s 14m 30s
Helium-3 3,180 532,863
Antimatter 0 59,207
Ship Metaphase Shield

Ship Metaphase I, II, and III, Respectively


Block every damage type with the Metaphase Shield.
  — Event Store 

The Metaphase Shield is a shield, it was first obtainable during events UprisingCrackdown, and later Riots, it has now been added as a blueprint obtainable in level 27-55 VEGA cargo fleets. Compared to other ship shields, the Metaphase shield has less efficient shield/mass ratio. However, they are resistant to all weapons, with a 90% damage resistance to all damage types, including exotic weapons used by Aliens. Weapons that can bypass shields are equally effective against Metaphase shields as with any other shields.

Their first two levels are relatively light and do not offer much total protection in comparison to shields researched at the technology lab. The Level III shields are the ones that really shine though compared with the normal ones. Metaphase shield III have more total energy and absorb more damage than Shockwave shields V and Deflector shields V, even against explosive and projectile type weapons respectively. This makes them very popular and strong option on ships that can be equipped with them.

In comparison with Spectral shields V, Metaphase shields III are slightly weaker against energy weapons and less mass efficient. Most players however pardon this drawback as the advantage of being able to survive different damage types coming from bomber squadrons and energy weapons as more important factor.

Ships using Metaphase Shields glow a dark red color, notably darker than the Shockwave Shield.

Oddly, this shield has a very low XP rating for its total energy.

Currently, they're the ONLY shield that can block the damage type of the Alien Hives' fighter swarms without drawbacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Metaphase shields used to block 80% of incoming damage while 20% while be directed to the ship's armor, making them unpopular choice of shields despite their versatility due the abundance of phased projectiles at the contemporary time. Now they block the 90% all other shields do.


Ship vs Base Metaphase

Comparison between Base Metaphase Shield (top) and Ship Metaphase Shield (bottom)


  • The Metaphase Shield was the first event prize to be brought back as an event prize (Metaphase Shield I in Uprising and Crackdown)

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