Metaphase Shield   Metaphase Field

The Metaphase Field is a shield for modules that provides equal protection against Energy, Projectile, and Explosive weapon types.
  — In-game Description 
Metaphase Field I II III
Mass 500t 800t 1,280t
Shield Energy 1,000 1,600 2,560
Defense 90%
Resists Energy, Explosive, Projectile
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Farming Tier VEGA Tier I VEGA Tier II VEGA Tier IV
Fragments 4 5 6
Requirements Spectral Field II Shockwave Field III Deflector Field V
Time 16m 10s 2h 25m 50s 9h 43m 00s
Mineral Ore 505 12,653 299,424
Antimatter 0 0 33,269
Meta Shield

Metaphase Field I, II, and III, Respectively


The Metaphase Field is a base shield that provides equivalent protection to energy, explosive, and projectile damage dealing types of weapons, obtainable via blueprints from Cargo Fleets.

This means that the field will take the same amount of damage from energy weapons as they would from explosive and projectile weapons. In the past, Metaphase only resisted 80% of incoming damage, but this has since been raised to the full 90%.

Strategy and Setup


Metaphase Shields have very high shield energy. At level III, the shield amount surpasses that of a level V Shockwave field, and just below a level V Spectral Field. They are the most ideal shields to equip on Combat modules in any scenario.

Unlike other base shields they resist all damage types meaning unlike a Spectral Field which will suffer more from explosive and projectile weapons the Metaphase will never resist a less % if attacked by Energy, Explosive, or Projectile.


If your Combat Module is not level XI left don't equip the Metaphase Field III as high armor is much more important than shield on a combat module. Other modules should also follow this if they haven't been upgraded to maximum level yet.

Since most of the time basing fleets use powerful Alien weaponry which the shield does not protect from the damage type (Because it is almost 3 years old) it will usually instantly fall to weapons like Xeno Shatter Driver once it is hit.


If your Combat Modules aren't level XI yet you are really crunched on mass. Don't try to equip the Field on it as high armor is much more important than the Field due to how Alien Weaponry has rose in Popularity. (Applies to Storage and Miner Module)

Modules with high mass like the Bridge shouldn't have a problem equipping this, same for Combat Module XI+. It doesn't hurt to put the Field on if you have extra mass as it still can tank a few shots from lower Alien Weaponry.



  • Originally The Metaphase Field only resisted 80% of all weapon types (Not Alien)
  • If you look at the Requirements for the Field they actually change at each level to be a different Miner Rebellion Field. This is probably a reference/joke to how the Metaphase Field resists all the Damage types the Fields can.

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