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The Mercury Beam is an extremely powerful Energy weapon that relies on the massive power reserves of a carrier class ship.
  — In-Game Description 
Mercury Beam I II III
Mass 264t 475t 950t
DPS 26 46 82
Range 0-4,000 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Sound Effect


Weap warm beam red 01


Weap fire beam red 01


Impact beam red 01
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Nemesis)
Arms Lab Required Arms Lab VII Arms Lab VIII Arms Lab IX
Intel Required 50,000 200,000 500,000
Time 10m 30s 58m 4h 35m 30s
Helium-3 143,897 1,178,440 5,402,370
Antimatter 7,574 207,960 1,800,790
Repair 0s 0s 0s

Mercury Beam I, II, and III Respectively


The Mercury beam is a ship energy weapon exclusive only to the Demon Corps Dominion carrier, due to the fact that it is both demon corps and carrier only. This weapon can NOT be buffed by any weapon boost like the focused optics. This applies to all carriers.

Strategy and SetupEdit


The Mercury beam is a high-DPS long-range energy weapon, with the longest range of any ship based energy weapon to date. This makes it good at sniping cutters or low range hulls. They also can destroy squadrons launched on the carrier or other hulls around it making it a little useful in PvP.


The high mass of the Mercury beam makes it difficult to mount easily, and the Dominion carrier only decreases squadron mass - not weapons mass. This means that it is somewhat harder to mount.

Additionally, aside from destroying enemy rush fleets, this weapon has little apparent use and its actual effectiveness against squadrons is similar to the Impulse beam which is terrible at destroying them, and any ship close enough to be hit by the mercury beam can likely retaliate with just as much firepower. They also waste valuable squadron slots that will most likely be equipped with a well better performing Spectre squadron.


  • It is the first conventional weapon for a carrier.
  • The Mercury beam originally was supposed to be a squadron (hence its design) according to game files.


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