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The Mass Driver is superior Projectile weapon. It has moderate damage and longer range than most other weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Mass Driver Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Mass  220 330 495 745 1,120
DPS  11 15 20 27 37
Range 2,500 - 5,000 m
Projectile Speed 1,000 m/s
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Time 2d 19h 4d 11h 46m 39s
Helium 3 1,375,522 2,762,998 5,615,076 11,562,782 17,344,174
Mineral Ore 1,179,018 2,368,284 4,812,921 9,910,954 14,866,431
Zynthium 1,764,209 3,543,751 7,201,753 14,830,130 22,245,195
Antimatter 762,132 2,168,758 5,876,583 15,558,800 23,338,200
Time 40m 25s 1h 41m
Helium 3 214,160 450,107
Antimatter 74,711 249,390
Mass Driver

Mass Driver

Description and UsageEdit

The final weapon to be researched, the Mass Driver is a reliable long-range projectile weapon that has stood the test of time. It has a very high DPS and range (the most possible in the game) at the cost of a huge "blindspot". The Siege Driver is the only other weapon with 5000m range.

Mass Drivers are commonly equipped on Talon and Nighthawk Frigates with Iridium Magnets to destroy slower and larger warships. The Frigate's nimble movements can dodge most ballistics at long range and avoids needing to travel close and personal to enemy ships by firing at long ranges. 

Mass Drivers are also used by battleships to attack bases, albeit, experienced players don't use Iridium magnets to enhance their projectile speed as it yields no benefit. Instead, they use Phased Projectiles to punch right through the shields and destroy the module faster. It is also used by Broadsword or Trident Destroyers to snipe from long distances, equipped with Phased Projectiles to bypass the shields and increase the damage sustained by the module the destroyer is attacking.

Mass Drivers are commonly used to destroy level 40 VEGA cargo fleets . They are effective against all slower ships including VEGA warships, but they are not as effective against VEGA Elite fleets. 

The Gladius Driver is superior to the Mass Driver in every way, at the cost of 250M less range and Gladius Driver III having slightly less DPS than Mass Driver V.



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