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The Mass Driver is a superior Projectile weapon. It has moderate damage, and longer range than most other weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Mass Driver I II III IV V
Mass  220 330 495 745 1,120
DPS  11 15 20 27 37
Range 2,500 - 5,000 m
Projectile Speed 1,000 m/s
Sound Effects
Weap fire gauss 01
Weap fire gauss 02
Weap fire gauss 03
Weap fire gauss 04
Weap fire gauss 05
Weap fire gauss 06
Weap fire gauss 07
Weap fire gauss 08
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Other Requirements Gauss Driver I Gauss Driver II Gauss Driver III Gauss Driver IV Gauss Driver V
Time 1d 2h 56m 40s 2d 5h 53m 20s 4d 11h 46m 39s
Helium 3 8,675,033 17,629,750
Antimatter 762,132 2,168,758 5,876,583 15,558,800 23,338,200
Time 32m 20s 1h 20m 50s
Helium 3 537,922 1,130,570
Antimatter 59,769 199,512

General Edit

Mass drivers are the final weapon to be researched. They are long range projectile weapons and is particularly effective at out ranging some base turrets, making them effective weapons to equip on destroyers designed to attack mid level bases.

Mass drivers fires a single large blue/white shell at its target with long reloads

They are less commonly seen in PVP, but are mediocre options to use in FvF. Most players choose for Gladius drivers or other weapons in fleet combat.
Mass Driver

Mass Driver

Description and UsageEdit

Mass drivers key advantage is its range, indeed it is one of the weapons with the longest range in the game. Equipped on destroyers, they can out range Plasma Missile turrets and SICO missile turrets, which are two very potent base turrets.

Mass drivers can be effectively used on frigates because of their range, they fire slowly and delivers its damage in large bursts. Mass drivers can also out range all other battleships combat, a notable advantage, but not significant enough to boost their popularity in combat. 

Mass drivers have a very large minimum firing range, ships equipped with Mass drivers are not at all capable of fighting in close quarters combat. 

The Gladius driver is superior to the Mass driver in every way, at the cost of 250 metres less maximum range and Gladius driver III possesses less damage per second than Mass driver V.


  • Destroyers equipped with mass drivers out range Plasma Missile Turret, which is a very common base defence turret.
  • Each slug or shell inflicts damage equivalent to approximately five times its damage per second specification. For example, three Mass driver II total 45 damage per second and hence each salvo delivers 115 damage, using six Nighthawks, it's a total of 695 damage. This advantage makes the Mass driver excellent for hit and runs. 
  • Mass driver Talon Frigates can defeat level 35 VEGA cargo fleets, though Rancor Battleships are more commonly used. 


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