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The Manifold Missile is an Explosive weapon with a unique attack pattern. The warheads branch out like a tree as they approach the enemy.
  — In-Game Description 
Manifold Missile I II III
Mass 553t 779t 1156t
DPS 40 49 61
Range 0m - 4,000m
Projectile Speed 2,000m/s
AoE Radius 300m
Spread 20 deg
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Maelstrom,Resurrection,Special Event)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Time 1h 59m 4h 1m 30s 5h 42m 30s
Helium-3 2,262,615 4,727,820 6,692,220
Antimatter 754,205 1,575,940 2,230,740
Repair 0s 0s 0s
Manifold 1

Manifold Missile I, II, and III Respectively

General Edit

The Manifold Missile is an event explosive type, ship weapon. It was originally avaiable in the event Maelstrom it also returned as a prize in the Resurrection event. It has a unique attack pattern, upon hitting a target. This missile detonates and splits into two missiles, these missiles also split into two more missiles, totaling in four missiles per shot. There is a total of four splits including the main missile launched, with a spread of roughly 45 degrees per split, with each smaller missile splitting into two missiles. Smaller missiles appear to have no noticeable explosive radius. After each split, the smaller missiles travel roughly 400 meters before detonating.

The missiles can impact on a closer target such as squadrons causing them to begin the chain of splitting early. Manifold missiles that reach their maximum range will detonate and split like normal. They are becoming an increasingly common weapon.

Strategy Edit

Manifold 2

Manifold Missiles splitting into smaller missiles

Advantages: Edit

Manifold missiles possesses substantial amount of firepower, rivalling that of potent energy weapons such as Aurora rays. Its broad coverage and firing range makes it appear a promising weapon in close and mid range combat. It has a rather high projectile speed in comparison with other explosive weapons such as Vector torpedoes and Arc missiles, combined with the splitting mechanism, it is less likely to miss its target.

Their firepower is key to its effectiveness, it's not yet widely known if the 61 DPS is inclusive of the damage in combination with the split missiles.

The split missiles appears to only have a very small explosive radius, it not yet known exactly what sort of enhancing effect antimatter warheads, spectral warheads or volatile fuel have on its explosive radius. The main primary missile however does have a noticeable explosive radius.

Manifold missiles can decimate entire waves of squadrons, only Creeper torpedoes is equally if not more effective.

The Manifold missile also has no minimal range firing arc which is very uncommon for an explosive weapon with such a high firepower output. This makes it extremely useful for rushing as it has no blind spot and can fire at targets at point blank ranges.

The damage each Manifold missile does is actually four times more than what the UI says, if all of its missiles hit their target.

Manifold 4-0

Many Manifold missiles volleys.

Disadvantages: Edit

Manifold missiles have a high amount of weight especially on level III, the weight can potentially be a downside especially to even high level hulls. This can make the ship weaker overall in terms of armor or players will need to equip lighter versions of the Manifold missile, decreasing the ship's firepower.

The Manifold missile also doesn't have a high range which can be a problem particularly for battleships - ECHO rays, Aurora rays and Vector torpedoes easily out range the Manifold missile, hence not ideal for battleships in PVP. Cruisers may not be able to get close enough to battleships to open fire. Hulls with the Manifold missile may take more overall damage as they have to get close to the enemy.

The Manifold missile may miss its target from its maximum range as the explosive radius is very small especially during its last branch of missiles, as well as the fact that there's a brief delay for missiles to split. One battleship can outrun every missile shot due to this. It is advised to close in on your targets so the Manifold missiles do not have to travel so much distance to hit their targets.

The event that introduced them, Maelstrom, was much harder than usual, making it harder for early-mid game players to obtain them.

Setup Edit

Since the Manifold missile can be equipped everywhere they have a variety of uses

  • Cutters are ideal ships to be equipped with Manifold missiles, especially Basilisk cutters with blister rounds. It has no minimal range arc, which removes common disadvantages of SICO missiles and Hydra missiles, making it very capable even at point blank ranges. Its extremely high damage can even make it better than the Burst ray, as its explosive radius and branching can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Cruisers are excellent ships to be equipped with the Manifold missile. They can even outmatch the Reverb ray in PvP due to their branching effect, explosive radius, and explosive damage type, as many cruiser often equip energy resistors. They also perform decently defeating the Aliens, and if rightly fit, even destroy the Alien Harvester in Alien Decimation.
  • Battleships are not suitable ships to be equipped with Manifold missiles due to the low range, though they can be equipped along with Vector torpedoes to cover the battleships short range weaknesses. Battleships with Manifold missiles are effective for destroying Alien Hives, but not so much in PVP, as the low range puts them at risk of being attacked by pursuing cruisers and out ranged by other battleships with longer ranged weapons.
  • Frigates, although not as ideal, are still a solid option for manifold missiles. However, if you have the Fissure torpedo, it is more efficient, less massive, and has more range than the Manifold missile, and should be used instead in most cases, especially hunting battleships. However, the Fissure torpedo does have a minimum range, while the manifold does not.

Trivia Edit

  • The Manifold missile's exact damage is 3 times as much as the UI mentions, if all of the missiles hit.
  • Prior to the release of Bridge VI and VII, Manifold Missile blitz fleets were able to kill Bridges armoured with dual Capacitive Plates III in 3 volleys, which was insane.
  • The Manifold missile is nicknamed the "Manni Missile" from Manni Gaming who resembles a part of the weapons name
  • The Manifold missile is the only legendary weapon to have no class/faction specific restriction.
  • This weapon has the interesting characteristic of being able to miss a target it has already hit - the split missiles can travel right through the target they exploded on.
  • This weapon is, as mentioned above, extremely popular and useful.

Gallery Edit

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