The Machete Destroyer lacks a shield, but makes up for it with powerful engines and a healthy appetite for guns and armor.
  — In-Game Description 


The Machete Destroyer, though without shield, is a powerful ship full of guns and armor.
  — Sybil 

The Machete destroyer is a high level, tier five Iron Star Company hull. It was first available in the event Revenge. Like other Iron Star hulls, has an emphasis on suitability in comparison to the Lance destroyer.

They are rather rare to see in combat due to its lack of shields and that Lance destroyers have more weapon slots, a desirable advantage, but when marked up, they become a ship that is not to be trifled around with.

Strategy and Setup


Prepare for the ultimate base attack with the Machete Destroyer, designed by the Iron Star Company.
  — Event Store 

The Machete destroyer has rather high health for a destroyer. It has an extra armor slot compared to all other destroyers, as an attempt to substitute in the missing shield slot. The Machete destroyer MK III will indeed gets a shield slot, which will increase its overall durability greatly.

While they are useless at MK I-II, but at MK III and especially MK V after they get their shield slot, Machetes are one of the toughest destroyers to kill in the game, because of their added durability from the second armor slot. They also benefit from utilizing unstable reactor which leaves a nasty surprise for ships that rush them, especially frigates and cutters.

They also benefit from the bonuses of extra cruiser damage and phased when marked up like other destroyers.


The Machete destroyer's lack of a shield makes it dependent on its armor entirely to survive attacks. However it has more mass than any other destroyer in the game.

Because of its slightly higher amount of armor, they tend to take slightly longer to repair than other destroyers.

Machete destroyers must be upgraded through the crafting system to be effective.

Recommended Builds:

Base attacks: Weaponry such as Siege drivers or Mass drivers with Strafe thrusters V, basic cargo or armored hold III and the best armor you can possibly fit with the remaining space.

Use of Arc missiles combined with anti-matter warheads V make it deadly against bases inflicting mass carnage in a base attack.

Machete's armed with Impulse or Archer Beams can eliminate fully upgraded combat modules and bridges very quickly. Keep in mind that these weapons lack the range advantage provided by Siege drivers.

Usage by VEGA

They were rarely used by VEGA, and only appeared as remnants of the Corrupted Iron Star Amber Army collaborated with Demon Corps to bring down the Rebellion.

They were sighted only in base attacks as well as in the Demon Corps Harbinger Event fleet during Incursion, armed with either Gladius Drivers and Archer Beams.

After the debut of the Damocles Destroyer, VEGA has no longer seen any use in deploying the Machete.

Mark 5 Variants still appear in the Iron Star Crafting Fleets, either armed with Gladius Driver and NET Torpedo in the Deserter fleet, as well as AP Drivers and Arrestor Beams in the Vanguard Fleet.


  • The Machete destroyer is the only event hull that has no shield.
  • The Machete destroyer is the only hull to receive a shield slot in mark upgrades
  • Some players refer to the Machete Destroyer as the Mas***ty Destroyer, mostly because it is useless at Low mks.