The Lance Destroyer has excellent strafing ability and no less then three weapons. It's a loose cannon and a VSec favourite.
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The Lance Destroyer is a high level, tier four VEGA Security hull. It was first available in the event Jailbreak and subsequently also available in riots before added as a blueprint found by destroying level 50-55 VSec fleets.

Lancers are popular amongst high level players, and when upgraded to MK V, they have a formidable number of weapon slots and a portion of their damage output ignores shield protection.

In combination with its range bonus, it is deadly in high level combat, attaining a reputation of being effective warships against many different fleets in PvP.

Strategy and Setup

Make your own law with the Lance Destroyer, it's a loose cannon and a Vsec Favourite.
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Like all destroyers, it has a 150% range bonus and a narrow firing range. They are slow ships, and cannot pursue most other ships.

They are uncommon in high level combat, but when they do make an appearances, most players prefer to not engage them.

MK V Lance destroyers are far more powerful than MK I versions and have a pretty golden color scheme.


Lance destroyers are versatile ships, particularly in PvP combat. Their long range capability and high number of weapon slots makes them effective warships both attacking fleets and bases.

The key advantage of the Lance destroyer is the extra weapon slot, which is why many high level players spend time building Lance destroyers and upgrading them to MK V.

With its higher mass, it can be equipped with more firepower and armour than its predecessors. Their range bonus has an oppressive effect in fleet combat, and ensures that the fleet of Lance destroyers always delivers the first strike in any fleet battle where they are not fighting other destroyers or carriers.

Upgraded to MK V, Lance destroyers have reduced weapon mass and innate shield penetration, ensuring they always heavily damage any fleet in combat.

Lance Destroyers have a quite large maximum mass, which allows them to equip the heaviest weapons, armour and shields to destroy bases.

While it's hard to upgrade them through the crafting system, they are deadly to cruisers because of the bonus 200% damage. Cruisers that charge into the firing range of a fleet of MK V destroyers are effectively dead already.


Lance destroyers are weak to high level frigates and cutters, especially MK V. their high speed can quickly close the range gap between them, and they have higher armor and often superior resistors equipped. Although cutters and Lance destroyers have roughly equal firepower, due to the armor, cutters are usually on even footing when fighting with a fleet of Lance destroyers.

Lance 1

A fleet of MK IV lance destroyers.

Frigates upgraded to MK V deal bonus 200% damage to destroyers. Lance destroyers by default are the most fragile high level ships, so frigates quickly eliminate them.

Lance destroyers are difficult to upgrade through the crafting system since supply run fleets that drop crafting supplies needed are difficult to destroy en mass.

Like all other destroyers, Lance destroyers are unable to flee from battles, and have to remain on one until the time runs out, or they're too damaged to keep fighting.


Lance destroyers should be equipped differently when fighting bases versus fighting fleets.

Fleet vs fleet combat: Lance destroyers frequently need Aurora Rays to shoot down squadrons. Some players like to mix Aurora Rays with ECHO rays or Impulse Beams for extra firepower. Players prefer Focused Optics over Ionized Optics, since the latter reduces the amount of damage that pierces through shields.

A variety of weapons can be used to destroy bases very effectively. As of now, base defenses are underpowered when it comes to defending themselves against fleets at high levels. Remember, upgrade Lance destroyers to MK V to be most effective in combat.

Arc Missiles are ideal for ravaging compact bases, their spread and splash damage can attack multiple combat modules at once.

Impulse Beams are very powerful, and can destroy the strongest Combat Modules in a few shots. Impulse beams lack some range and will place your Lances in risky positions close to SICO Missile Turrets.

Archer beams are also ideal, like Impulse beams but slightly more range to outrange medium-range turrets, at the cost of decreased DPS.

Siege Drivers feature a good damage/range ratio, they can outrange SICO Missile Turrets and deliver damage in powerful blows. A downside is that Siege Drivers are incredibly heavy and have slow projectile speeds. Players often equip Iridium Magnets II if they have enough mass.


In VEGA Security Fleets, it is always equipped with AP Driver, but has very slow rotation. It is easy to flank, but it possesses devastating firepower, and it is advisable to find a way to draw its fire aside before charging in, which is best done by taking a decoy and getting the A.I's attention.

In PVP, MK V frigates, particularly Hurricane frigates, overwhelm destroyers.

Usage by VEGA

The Lance Destroyer was first introduced with three other VSec hulls. Ever since, it has been regularly deployed by VEGA in all of its VSec fleets and has been encountered in all events until Countermeasures, where it was only reused in the event Reclamation, and hasn't been seen in an enemy event fleet ever since.

During Jailbreak, the rebels stole the blueprints of the Lance Destroyer and distributed them, while also freeing the fugitive Larus.


  • It was made obtainable in the Jailbreak Event on February 26th, 2015. It was the max tier reward. See Jailbreak page for more information.
  • Funnily enough, Trident destroyers by default have only two weapon slots and Lance destroyers have three weapon slots. Tridents as a hand held weapon are three pronged, while Lance destroyers as a hand held weapon only have a single tip.