VSec's high-speed pursuit hull. No suspect gets away from the Komodo Cutter in one piece.
  — In-Game Description 


The Komodo Cutter is high level, tier four VEGA Security hull. It originally became first available in the event Martial Law. It was added to the Riot rotation before it was added as a blueprint found by destroying level 37-45 VSec fleets.

Komodo cutters are somewhat uncommon mid to high level ships due to Python cutters and Basilisk cutters being superior and requiring roughly similar build times. They are effective at destroying battleships and have the ability to escape from most battles. They are almost exclusively seen in PvP combat.


Don't let your enemies escape you! Get the Komodo cutter, Vsec's high-speed pursuit hull.
  — Event Store 

Komodo cutters are very effective at destroying battleships especially when upgraded to MK IV+. Basic Komodo cutters are not strong and should avoid any sort of PvP combat with other shields around its level unless the enemy fleet is heavily damaged.

Like all other cutters, the Komodos are close quarter combat ships. They close in on the enemy ships fast and destroy them at point blank.


Komodo cutters are very similar to Gharial cutters, they have more mass and slightly more armor by default.

Komodo cutters are mainly used to hunt down fleeing fleets that are damaged as well as destroy battleship fleets. They can escape from almost any battle unscathed because of their speed.

Komodo cutters can pursue and destroy other cutter fleets. Their speed tends to negate the range advantages of other hulls like Destroyers and Battleships.

Komodo cutters are fairly durable ships and can take a high amount of punishment, particularly when equipped with resistors and upgraded to MK V.

MK V cutters have resistances to stasis and an extra armor slot. Care should be taken, battleships with stasis weapons can potentially cripple the speed of Komodo cutters and destroy them, you should spread your cutters out before closing in for the kill.


Komodo cutters struggle to defeat Revelation cruisers and more advanced cruisers that have been upgraded through the crafting system. Thankfully, they can choose not to engage these fleets in combat.

Komodo cutters tend to be unable to overpower stronger cutters like the Python or Basilisk, as those cutters have bonus armour or reduced weapons weight.


Fleet vs. Fleet: Metaphase shield III or Spectral shield V shield are ideal shields. Strike shields are also an option exclusive to cutters that can be effective against explosive weaponry.

If you intend to fight other cutters or destroyers in point blank combat then Burst rays are very effective.

Komodo 1

A fleet of 1 MK IV and 3 MK V Komodo cutters, armed with Burst Rays.

However, against more nimble opponents like battleships and frigates, Aurora rays are most effective, they have a longer range and, unlike the Burst ray, their damage is not diluted at close ranges. Burst rays need the ship to be more or less at point blank range to inflict full damage.

Other common weapons like Thermal beams and Impulse beams are seen equipped on cutters, while more lethal than Aurora rays, those who choose these weapons must keep in mind that these beam weapons are highly ineffective against destroying squadrons, which you are more than likely going to need to deal with when fighting other player fleets or crafting material fleets.

Manifold missile are highly effective weapons to equip on Komodo cutters, with very high firepower and no minimum range as an explosive weapon.


  • This event hull is the second cutter to be introduced into the game, the first being the Gharial cutter.
  • During a Riot event, a prize bump was given to some players due to lag issues. However, one member of a clan known as [SpCo], a German clan, accidentally received the Komodo cutter instead of the Gharial cutter. Thus, he became the first person to get the Komodo cutter.
  • The Komodo cutter was also changed to look more like its depiction prior to Martial Law. This makes the Komodo cutter the second ship to receive a major texture/graphic overhaul after the Rapture cruiser.
  • Like all cutters, the hull is named after a reptile. The Komodo Dragon is the largest living species of lizard, and are the dominant predator on the islands they live on.
  • Those who don't have the blueprint can buy them from Larus at 2,100 coins each.
  • If you have a fully upgraded commerce module, it will take 84 days to obtain enough coins for one of these.