Mass Driver   Kinetic Driver Turret

The Kinetic Driver Turret is a Projectile weapon with long range that compensates for its limited damage output.
  — In-Game Description 


Kinetic Driver Turret I
DPS 12 Pr 21 Pr 37 Pr 65 Pr 113 Pr
Mass 200 t 350 t 615 t 1,075 t 1,880 t
Range 5,100-9,500 m
Speed 1,250 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 6.0 / F: 2.0 / R: 0.2 / N: 2
Module XP 2,823 XP 4,523 XP 7,246 XP 11,637 XP 18,590 XP
Prerequisites Previous level of Kinetic Driver Turret,
Same level of Coil Driver Turret
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Time 7h 13m 20s 21h 40m 00s 2d 17h 00m 5d 10h 00m 8d 3h 00m
Mineral Ore 3,250,191 6,528,634 13,267,749 27,321,467 40,982,201
Antimatter 573,563 1,632,158 4,422,583 11,709,200 17,563,800
Time 43m 20s 2h 10m 6h 30m 13h 00m 19h 30m
Mineral Ore 740,362 1,527,167 3,197,692 6,803,234 10,204,853
Antimatter 82,262 269,500 799,423 2,267,746 3,401,618


The Kinetic Driver Turret is a direct upgrade to the Coil Driver Turret, commonly used by medium-level players to protect their bases from sniper attacks.

It fires a white shell that appears identical to the Mass Driver in slow bursts of two.

Strategy and Setup


Kinetic Driver Turrets specialize in long range, enough to protect structures up to 2 squares away from sniper attacks, as opposed to 1 square for Coil Driver Turrets. This allows for greater flexibility in base design.

They also inflict very high damage per shot, severely damaging any ship that gets hit.


Kinetic Driver Turrets are not reliable due to their slow projectile speed. Their larger minimum range makes them even more susceptible to blitz attacks than Coil Driver Turrets.

Kinetic Driver Turrets also take up a lot of mass, restricting the durability of Combat Modules equipped with this weapon.


  • The Kinetic Driver Turret was once called the Heavy Mass Driver, which had been renamed to Kinetic Rail Turret.
  • As the Kinetic Driver Turret levels up, it increasingly resembles a spaceship.
  • The Kinetic Driver Turret has the longest range out of all player-obtainable base weapons.


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