Iron Star Company ship weapons are powerful weapons designed by the Iron Star Company faction. They are powerful weapons but are restricted to specific ships or the Iron Star faction. This is the current list of them:

Ship Weapons

VEGA Conflict Impulse Beam
Impulse Beam
Impulse beam fires a sustained, golden beam at its target dealing a very high amount of damage. It takes time to recharge and has relatively long range.
Bayonet Missiles
Bayonet Missile
Bayonet Missiles fires 3 missiles in a set spread. Bayonet Missile can pierce through multiple targets, causing multiple detonations.


Raider Squadron
Raider squadrons are short ranged, weak squadrons that deal roughly 200 DPS at Lv III.They are considered extremely weak as they are easily destroyed and have a range that current Vector battleships can outrange.

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