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Iridium Plates is made from layers of Iridium and other metals. It performs better than Tritanium Plates.
  — In-Game Description 
Iridium plate

Iridium Armor.

Iridium Plates I II III IV V
Mass 175t 265t 400t 600t 900t
Armor 480 730 1,100 1,650 2,475
Repair Time 8m 12m 10s 18m 20s 27m 30s 41m 15s
Ship Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Other Requirements Tritanium Plates I Tritanium Plates II Tritanium Plates III Tritanium Plates IV Tritanium Plates V
Time 18h 43m 26s
Mineral Ore 8,743,500
Antimatter 971,500
Time 1h 23m 52s 1h 56m 29s 2h 41m 46s 3h 44m 41s 5h 12m 4s
Mineral Ore 89,065 178,143 538,976 1,199,737 2,462,277
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 273,586


  • It used to be called Iridium Composite along with the ship version, but was changed simply to Iridium Plates.

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