Iridium Magnets   Iridium Arrays

Iridium Magnets increase the muzzle velocity of Projectile weapons, making them harder to evade.
  — In-Game Description 
Iridium Magnets I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 6% 12% 18% 24% 30%
Projectile Speed +540 m/s +1,080 m/s +1,350 m/s +1,620 m/s +1,890 m/s
Tech Lab Required III V VII IX X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 28m 5h 33m 1d 0h 59m  2d 14h 59m 4d 12h 15m
Helium-3 80,100 1,123,560 4,876,535 10,897,200 18,750,600
Antimatter 0 124,840 860,565 3,632,400 6,250,200
Time 4m 00s 17m 30s 1h 03m 00s 2h 30m 00s 4h 13m 00s
Helium-3 16,130 224,928 975,605 2,179,800 3,750,570
Antimatter 0 24,992 172,166 726,600 1,250,190

Iridium Magnets Icon


Iridium Magnets are a booster for ship Projectile weapons. They serve as the counterpart of Iridium Arrays. They increase the speed of projectiles shot by ship weaponry. They are almost always used on projectile suited ships.

Strategy and Setup


Iridium Magnets boost Projectile speed which is extremely important as many projectile weapons are so slow they are dodged easily. Thus, when using projectile weapons in PvP it is extremely important to equip Iridium Magnets, usually.

Gladius Drivers are an example of the Iridium's effectiveness. Usually their projectiles are so slow they rarely ever hit a target but when boosted with Iridium V they are almost impossible to dodge.


There aren't many disadvantages to the Iridium Magnet but they still increase a fairly large amount of mass to the hull. Projectile weapons aren't very popular in Mid-High level combat aswell.

Some weapons won't need the boost, one such weapon is the Tempest Driver but since not many people use that weapons this is a little disadvantage.


Almost always, players should equip Iridium Magnets V and then begin to balance out their projectile weapons, armor, shielding, engine, and resistor as without the boost it will usually be easily destroyed.

Battleships, Frigates, and Cruisers are the most to benefit from this and they usually have to stay at their maximum range which usually is the easiest to dodge from.



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