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Iridium arrays

Iridium Arrays Icon

Iridium Arrays increase the muzzle velocity of Projectile weapons, making them harder to evade.
  — In-Game Description 
Iridium Arrays I II III IV V
Weight (% Weapon Mass) 3% 6% 9% 12% 15%
Projectile Speed Boost +290 m/s +830 m/s +1,100 m/s +1,370 m/s +1,640 m/s
Tech Lab Required III V VII IX X
Time 2h 10m 3d 8h 06m 40s 6d 10h 33m 20s
Mineral Ore 19,199,795 63,454,240
Antimatter 4,799,949 15,863,561
Time 26m 40s 50m 4h 18m 20s 16h 1m 40s 1d 6h 55m
Mineral Ore 14,838 59,348 1,379,699 2,488,062 8,635,157
Antimatter 0 0 0 622,016 2,158,789


Iridium Arrays are a booster for projectile weapons. They are the counterpart of Iridium magnets. They increase the speed of projectiles shot by base weaponry.

Iridium arrays are very common, due to their effectiveness when mixed along with Kinetic driver turrets and necessary for projectile turrets to be effective. If placed on the Bridge, they're also commonly mixed with phased munitions. However, despite their increased speed, they still have a tendency to miss decoys, as they don't have a perfect accuracy. Despite their efficiency while mixed with Kinetic driver turrets, they tend to work best while mixed with Arrestor beam turrets - such a combination, the Kinetic driver turret is unlikely to ever miss their target,

Gladius driver turrets, which already have 2000 m/s base speed, are also equipped with these, in order to increase their already significant accuracy.

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